Actionetics vs Mailchimp

In this article I am going to compare the E-Mail Marketing Software from ClickFunnels “Actionetics” vs the E-Mail Marketing service “Mailchimp”.

So let’s get started with the audience for those these two different E-Mail Marketing providers were designed for.

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👨‍💼 The audiences of Actionetics and MailChimp:

Actionetics (ClickFunnels) is focused on entrepreneurs & online marketers who are committed to build their own online business with the power of sales funnels.  

MailChimp on the other hand is more focused on e-commerce owners or larger marketing departments.

🧐 Are there any Free Trials ?

✅ The advantage of those two softwares, Actionetics and Mailchimp is that they have both a Free Trial.

Actionetics has a 14 Day Free Trial and Mailchimp has a unlimited Free Trial until you surpass a limit of 2,000 subscribers.

🤔💡 Which E-Mail Marketing Software do i prefer ?

What you have to know is that Mailchimp is solely an E-Mail Marketing Service.

Actionetics has therefore some really impressive features.

For example can does Actionetics show you all data about your E-Mail Subscribers, this can be what they’re interests are, they’re net income and much more.

So with this data you can market to every subscriber of your E-Mail list individually which is quite remarkable.

A unique Feature of Actionetics is that, it allows you to create smart lists.

When you want to activate this feature, you just have to turn it on in the “options menu”.

The smart list will automatically remove or add E-Mail contacts to this list based on rules you can define.

I present you now some of the rules which I am using for my e-mail campaigns.

The contact rule: a contact gets automatically added to a certain list by their Action Score.

The Funnel Rule: a contact gets added to a list based on visiting a specific page on in one of my funnels.

The Product Rule: a contact gets added to a certain list based on a product which he bought.

The E-Mail Step Rules: a contact gets matched to list based on opening a specific E-Mail in a Funnel.

These rules are facilitating the process of segmenting the E-Mails immensely, which saves you a ton of valuable time.

When you decide to use Actionetics I recommend you to create three Smartlists.

Create a “Smartlist” of highly engaged customers & a “Smartlist” of lower engaged customers.

You can do that by using the Action Score.

Once you have your two different Smartlists you can target both lists separately.

My second tip for you is to create a “Smartlist” of VIP Buyers, these are customers who have already bought almost every product of yours or your High Ticket products.

My third tip for you is to create a “Smartlist” of potential customers who have opted in to your Funnel but haven’t bought yet.

The second big benefit of Actionetics compared to Mailchimp is that the pricing structure of Actionetics stays the same whether you have an e-mail list of 500 people or 100,000.

Moreover has ClickFunnels an official ClickFunnels Consultant program !

🕵️‍♂️ Is Mailchimp really so cheap ?

Mailchimp might look cheap at the beginning but after you have surpassed the limit of 2,000 contacts the pricing scales up. Which means that you have to pay more money, depending on how much your list is growing.

With Actionetics the price might sound more expensive in the beginning, but when you have a big e-mail list the monthly costs for Actionetics are staying the same.

This means you can scale your E-Mail Marketing with Actionetics as high as you want to and the costs are staying the same.

When you are using Mailchimp in contrast are the costs growing simultaneously with your e-mail list.

🚀 The Benefits of Actionetics !

So when you have started your 14 Day Free Actionetics Trial, you see the “Actionetics” symbol in the right corner at the top.

When you click on this symbol you get redirected to Actionetics.

So now you are in the interface of Actionetics.

As you can see has Actionetics several Features.

One of them which I will introduce you to is the “Broadcast E-Mail”.

Broadcast E-Mails are enabling you to send One-Off E-Mails directly to all of your E-Mail list subscribers.

This can  very useful when you have time sensitive content about your members have to get informed or to make announcements.

The next amazing feature of Actionetics are the “Action Funnels”.

These are an unique feature and I’ve only have seen this on Actionetics yet.

Action Funnels enabels you to send each of your e-mails automatically to the most targeted group of people on your list.

This makes Actionetics through the “Group Rules” which you can define, which is very effective and time saving.

I recommend you to do this often so that you keep your list engaged and send quality e-mails with exactly the content your customers want to see.

The Action Funnels Feature allows you as well to integrate with an large list of popular extensions.

This enables you to send for instance text messages with Twilio or push notifications with Push Crew based on the Group Rules you have defined in the “Action Funnels” Interface.

As you might already know is Actionetics an extension of ClickFunnels, and only available in the Etison Suite together with Backpack the Affiliate Marketing / Management Software.

Moreover are you getting access to ClickFunnels itself.

This means with Actionetics you receive an All-in-One Marketing Software, so you don’t need other tools.

With Actionetics you are able to make advanced E-Mail Marketing Campaigns.

You can create all kinds of Funnels.

Furthermore you are able to create Membership sites & host your online courses on ClickFunnels.

Moreover can you recruit your own affiliates & manage them with the “Backpack” extension.

Basically gives Actionetics you everything what makes an online marketers heart happy.

Therefore is the price of $ 297 per month absolutely in my eyes totally justified.

You have to keep in mind that this price isn’t increasing even if you when your e-mail list is increasing.

😍 Is there an Actionetics Discount ?

By the way you can save money on the ClickFunnels Etison Suite by buying Funnel Builder Secrets.

With this purchase you are receiving 6 month or 12 month of the ClickFunnels Etison Suite for Free (Actionetics & Backpack included).

The 12 month Funnel Builder Secrets Package costs $2,997, and normally you would have to pay $3564 for a 12 month Etison Suite subscription.

So you are saving $567 just on the ClickFunnels membership not to mention the other bonuses which are also included in Funnel Builder Secrets.

Mailchimps is as I mentioned totally free until you have more than 2,000 e-mail subscribers.

As of this point you have to pay custom prices depending on the size of your e-mail list.

I have to admit that I am personally not a fan of this, but when you have a small e-mail list or when you are starting out then MailChimp can be better for you.

Note that you need for using Actionetics a third separate SMTP server to send e-mails.

You can use SendGrid as a free provider or the SMTP services of your webhosting account.

Otherwise you can also use a service like Mandrill but you have to pay extra for that.

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