Kyvio VS ClickFunnels
The In-Depth Comparison !

Everyone knows that ClickFunnels has been the best funnel builder software since its introduction in 2014.

However, in the last few years, many funnel builders and landing page building software have been developed.

These tools are useful too in many ways, but most of them are not as good as ClickFunnels.

Kyvio vs ClickFunnels is one comparison that people want to see to figure out whether Kyvio is up to the mark.

Kyvio is an all-in-one marketing platform where you can build sales funnels and landing and sales pages as well as market and promote your business.

In this article, we will compare Kyvio vs ClickFunnels and see whether Kyvio is just as good or even better than ClickFunnels.

The Sales Funnel Builder Kyvio:

Kyvio was developed by the founder of KV Social, Neil Napier.

 Napier’s obsession with online marketing led him to Kyvio. Kyvio was initially known as InstaSuite.

 But in 2017, it was renamed and modified as Kyvio.

Building Sales Funnels With Kyvio:

If you run an online business, you probably know about sales funnels and how they work.

 An effective sales funnel can convert your visitors into purchasers.

 Kyvio is an excellent tool to build these sales funnels.

 It offers effective sales funnel templates, which you can use to create beautiful landing and sales pages.

Features Of Kyvio: 

With the numerous features Kyvio has to offer, you can create upsell and downsell pages and one-time offers, encouraging customers to buy on every step.

Furthermore, Kyvio offers an amazing drag-and-drop feature so that you can easily drag and drop the different elements wherever you want on your page.

Kyvio also offers responsive designs that you can use to make your page look more attractive. 

You can either use the pre-made funnel templates available at Kyvio or make your own from scratch.

 Kyvio offers unlimited pages and provides split testing options as well.

 You can create opt-in pages as well as integrate your custom HTML and CSS.

In Kyvio vs ClickFunnels, Kyvio is known to be better with membership sites. 

With the membership site, users can sell any course with ease. It’s great for any kind of business. 

Kyvio can automatically and manually create all users account. 

It also lets you add members to the autoresponder list. 

You can customize your membership site exactly the way you want.

Kyvio also auto-generates passwords when a customer signs in and manages discounts and free vouchers and gifts for visitors. o

The Price Of Kyvio:

By going for the entry-level payment plan, you’ll get free access to everything except for the smart affiliate program.

However, you can get access to everything by paying for the more expensive monthly plans.

The difference between the different payment plans is in the number of funnels and domains you will get.

The Sales Funnel Builder ClickFunnels:

ClickFunnels is known to be a “cult” software, which is why some of its flaws have known to be overlooked.

While that might be the case, there is no denying the fact that ClickFunnels is far better than most other marketing software out there.

It is much easier to use, and anybody with little to no know-how about technology can use it to promote their online business.

Building Funnels With ClickFunnels: 

ClickFunnels offer far more options when it comes to funnels.

Sales funnels created with ClickFunnels are the most effective.

ClickFunnels no doubt wins in Kyvio vs ClickFunnels when it comes to sales funnels.

It lets you create sales funnels in just a few minutes.

There are pre-built sales funnels offered that you can customize the way you want.

You can also create your own funnel from scratch.

Other than sales funnels, there are two other major groups of funnels offered by ClickFunnels:

lead capture funnels and event funnels.

You also get some unique funnels like subscription funnels, which can be a great help for an online business.

You can also create a squeeze page funnel to get the email address of those who visit your site.

ClickFunnels also provides more advanced funnels like 2-step tripwire funnels.

You can use such funnels to create affordable front-end product pages.

Through which you can lead the customer to more pricey products by using one-click upsells and downsells.

The Features Of ClickFunnels:

There are tons of features available at ClickFunnels.

With the numerous templates available, you can make landing pages, sales pages, webinars, videos, membership pages, opt-in pages.

And even thank-you pages when a visitor subscribes to the website.

You can easily manage and create webinars for members as well as create any kind of online course.

Each funnel at ClickFunnels has its own set of layout, elements and design templates.

Since there are so many templates available, you can easily create whatever you want even if you are not an expert at designing.

You also get the drag-and-drop feature to create a page.

With just one click, you can use the elements present at the sidebar of a page and drag them onto the page, customizing it any way you want.

There is a huge number of elements available to you for this purpose.

Furthermore, ClickFunnels doesn’t require any coding like HTML or CSS, so anybody can use it.

The Pricing Of ClickFunnels:

When it comes to pricing, ClickFunnels is definitely better.

It offers a Free 14 Day Trial to any new visitor.

In these 14 days, you get access to the unlimited features and layouts ClickFunnels has to offer.

If you are new to sales funnels or want to see which software will help you boost your sales, I advise you to try out ClickFunnels 14-day trial.

It’s absolutely free and you’ll get to see how it works and whether it’s for you.

After 14 days, you can buy one of the three plans that ClickFunnels offers.

The difference between the three plans is the number of funnels and domains you will get access to.

However, the entry-level program for ClickFunnels tends to be a bit more expensive than Kyvio.

You don’t have to be intimidated by the price, though.

You can buy ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge, which will come with a series of training videos from experts.

These videos will guide you through launching a sales funnel.

Used in conjunction with the 14-day trial, you will be able to boost your sales without spending too much.

My Final Conclusion Of This Comparison: 

As we can see in Kyvio vs ClickFunnels, ClickFunnels is far better.

Except for the great membership site that Kyvio has to offer, ClickFunnels wins in every other aspect and it’s definitely worth a try.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

ClickFunnels VS ConvertKit
The Definitive In-Depth Comparison !

Reaching to a maximum number of customers is the biggest challenge of any business.

It forms one of the major confrontations of the Marketing department with professionals in the tea, framing many policies and frameworks to optimize their profits.

The process goes like a vicious circle.

Following pre-defined policies and framing new strategies, supervising that the implementation team follows it.

Seeing that the end product meets the consumers’ needs.

And promoting them as wide as you can is all a chain that will move on.

Like they say ”all roads lead to Rome”- the ultimate goal is to reach the customer.

 When we say strategies there are-old principles like the principles of marketing which focus on the product, price place, and promotion to the famous AIDA model.

Which again explains four principles- Awareness, Interest, Desi, and action, though they are traditional formulae, they don’t fade away with time.

Just like “old wine in a new bottle,” the channels through which businesses capture market keeps changing with the above-said strategies remaining intact.

The world has become small, so are the pathways through which a business can reach a customer.

The Internet has taken the business world by storm, and it is incumbent on business firms to follow the new trend to remain persistent in the market.

For this, apart from the existing old schemes, new channels of journey need to be implemented to stay connected with the tech-savvy generation.

The flight on this road also has many stages, like the way the offline market has, and the marketing team has to follow different strategies at different levels.

This, in marketing language, is known as sales Funnel, the various stages the customer goes through before deciding to buy the product.

Building funnels is not new to marketing professionals.

However, as discussed earlier, the Internet has revolutionized every sector, and Marketing is not an exception.

Instead of manual funnels, you tend to create online funnels through which business can expect high-level profits.

There are many modern ways through which a business can increase profits. In internet marketing alone.

There are innumerable ways of marketing a product.

Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Email marketing, Pay-per-click advertising Social media marketing, Content Marketing, Funnelbuilding.

Are some of the essential ways of online marketing with each segment is specializing in itself in boosting up sales.

Let us discuss two critical aspects of online marketing- Sales funnels and Email marketing.

And also look at ClickFunnels vs Convertkit. 

What are Marketing Funnels ?

Funnel building is a modern marketing tool which helps in directing traffic towards your website.

Where you can formulate essential strategies like squeezing page identifying the target audience, release sales.

And finally sell it to customer. This is an effective sales booster.

But small and mid-size companies may find it challenging to build their sales and marketing funnels.

It involves a lot of investment and technical expertise in the form of website creation, domain name, designing the layouts and many more.

All this demands a lot of money time and an in-depth understanding of technology.

Hence there are other alternatives like built-in Funnels which are constructed with various features in them.

You can also add funnels of your requirement to them and share them with others.

All that you need to do is to drag and drop the required pipe.

CLICKFUNNELS is a successful sales funnel that has become very common with all kinds of businesses.

What is ClickFunnels ?

It is a drag and drop software which helps in landing pages and sales pages inside the funnels.

A user has to navigate through them to make any particular action like purchasing a product or check for discounts.

You can find many features in the Funnel which you can use to build various sales and marketing funnels.

Each element or conduit will help you in performing a specific task.

The Online Marketing Strategy: E-Mail Marketing

Another primary online marketing strategy is Email marketing.

This is a standard and traditional method of online marketing.

Which has existed since the commencement of the Internet.

It has kept evolving with time and stands as one of the most powerful marketing methods.

You can find many Email service providers out there in the market out of which CONVERT KIT is happening to be.

One of the most utilized email marketing tools.

What Is ConvertKit ?

Convert kit is an automated email service provider which helps small businesses in optimizing customer lifecycle and manages customer relationships.

It is an email marketing platform which offers secure automated workflows, handy widget, and necessary support.

It offers custom-built emails with all the top-notch features of established email marketing tools at a reasonable price.

The Features Of ClickFunnels:

Event triggered email: This feature enables the generation of automated email upon acting.

The email is triggered whenever there is an event or new product launch.

CRM and E-mail Autoresponder:

Customer Relation Management (CRM) is a powerful tool used in almost all marketing machines.

You can create funnels which enable customers to get connectivity to your products through email autoresponders.

As soon as a customer clicks on a particular product or service, there will be an autoresponder email.

Which explains the details about that specific product or service.

Campaign Analysis:

Campaign identification is in which you will be able to identify such as page views, visits, conversions, etc.

Can be easily tracked with the help of some campaigning funnels.

Insert graphical content:

You can use graphical content like images, icon, and menus you can insert graphical content.

This makes way for the natural interrelation of one module to another and helps customers in easily tracking their way.

For example, you can add a t-shirt icon for businesses related to garments.

Online page editor:

This feature enables creating pages editing and optimizing them, previewing and publishing them once they are ready.

By selecting a page, you can maximize customer visits and several leads.

Sales management:

This is a business discipline which involves framing strategies and managing sales operations.

This feature consists of framing the right approach to increase sales like offering discounts, free trials,one-day offer, etc.

You can create funnels or use the existing pipes to optimize sales.

Social media integrations:

To stand in up to date in the market, you need to adapt to change and stay connected through social media like facebook and twitter.

With the help of this feature, you can interact with customers on  Facebook and other social media platforms.

There are already existing templates in which you can enter to what type of customers you want a specific message to be sent.

Or trigger an ad at the click of a particular page.

This creates awareness among customers and enables them to understand the pros and cons of a product.

Other important features include:

▪️API connectors

▪️Communication management

▪️Sales trend analysis

▪️Email auto-responders

▪️interactive content

▪️Click-through tracking

▪️Visitor tracking

▪️A/B testing

▪️Tags & keywords

▪️Contact list segmentation

▪️Action Score lead scoring (RFMS)

▪️Subscriber collection & management

▪️Email & email performance tracking

The Advantages of ClickFunnels:

Top quality landing pages:

You can create high-quality funnels and beautiful pages to engage your customers in every step of sales.

Thereby converting them from visitors to customers.

This way, you can outperform any competitor.

Simplicity in work:

Creating, editing, and sharing funnels everything is made so simple that a person with zero knowledge of technology can efficiently work on the platform.

It doesn’t require any coding or high-end technical expertise to handle the operations.

All-in-one tool:

It is an all-in-one tool where you can create everything related to sales and marketing.

Like Lead capture funnels, webinar funnels, membership sites, websites, and promotion funnels.

Cloud-based platform:

ClickFunnels is a cloud-based automation software for SMBs.

This uses high-end technology to give customers the best working atmosphere.

Drag and drop webpage editor:

It consists of a simple drag and drops webpage in which you fill the page with your business products. 

You seriously need no strong technical knowledge to operate this.

Sharing made easy:

With share funnels feature, you can instantly add pipes into your account or share them to others.

It is not always mandatory that you create funnels.

Email and facebook marketing automation:

With the help of advanced funnels, you can create automated emails.

Wherein you will be able to reach your customers with just one email.

The automated emails enable you to communicate with your customers with relevant information.

You can also automatically generate facebook ads with modern funnels.

Generate leads:

You can generate leads through which you can get customers information like contact number and mail id by creating simple funnels.

This helps in following up with customers periodically.

Setting up emails and texts:

You can set up emails and text messages to go out when people join your lists, purchase a product, register for a webinar,.

And many more technical aspects.

Smart segmentation allows you to only show these messages to the right people inside of your funnel !

Follow-Up funnels:

With a unique feature called Actionetics MD, a built-in autoresponder, you can connect with your customers at any point in time.

The multi-dimensional marketing that it offers aids you in doing it.

It also enables you to send target- oriented emails to customers through desktop, email, and text notifications.

Inbuilt shopping cart:

It has a built-in shopping cart which enables you to track your customers orders.  

There is no need for signing up for another shopping cart service.


With the help of Backpack feature, you can run smart affiliate programs within your funnels.

You don’t have to pay at dollars for advertising with this new feature. Edison editor:

This feature is also a cost-effective tool which can help in creating and editing your web pages and funnels.

Which suits your requirement aptly. 

You need not pay a hefty amount to designers and programmers as all the pages are in-built.

ClickFunnels is the go-to option for all small and medium-size businesses.

The benefits that it offers are a boon to growing enterprises. Another marketing tool that is gaining importance is Convert Kit.

While looping a useful too, it is incumbent on the business to understand the pros and cons of each instrument and install the right one.

Now that we know how it works, let us see how Convert Kit has to offer to your business and which one will make for the right choice.

Features of Convert kit:

Convert Kit features opt-in forms which can be customized easily and embedded according to requirement.

Forms, workflow, and sequence automation.

Campaigns can be tracked with the help of a dashboard, and changes can be monitored using opt-in forms.

The Key Features Of Convert Kit Are:


These are Opt-in from which the user can customize according to requirement.

This feature uses use forms that are easily customized and embedded and helps you keep track of the performance of your website.

 It helps in directing subscribers to urgent call to action, which can either be relevant or personal or immediate.


Here, you can find homepage dashboard that shows the data of the subscriber and an opt-in conversion tally.

Visual Automation:

 This feature enables to create various workflows and automation rules that help to develop specific stages that customer travels throughout.

With just a click, you can perform actions, event, or conditions.

These events and circumstances were connected with the help of link.

And the following steps may be directed to guide subscribers to become potential consumers.

On each event, action and condition card, the data of running tally of consumers will be displayed on completing a step.


This feature helps in segmenting your users into various segments and sends them the right messages.

Subscribers can be grouped into divisions like new, existing and about to join.

And send welcome messages to new ones, further product information to an existing one, etc.


 Sequences are useful in personalizing automated emails with the help of drag and drop sequence builders.

Can be customized by using drag-and-drop sequence builders.

This is typically used to improve subscriber list.

Subscriber management

This feature allows you to manage large subscribers list quickly with the help of segments and tasks.

You can also manipulate the list by performing specific tasks.


The broadcasts feature helps in automating the email distribution process.

Convert Kit lets a user automate email distribution for one-off messages, RSS feed, and more.


You can do email content editing with the help of this feature.

This can be done by selecting and clicking on a specific field item in the workflow. 

To make it simpler, emails are written in plain text to enable spam filters.

It is mainly an excellent tool because of its tags and segment using which a user can redeem subscribers from a single list.

Convert Kit enables users to write and send one-off messages and also helps in the automated posting of RSS feeds to a blog.

The Advantages of Convert Kit:

Targeted and relevant content:

Convert kit allows you to send only necessary content to consumers.

You will be able to know what is happening at each level and form strategies based on it. 

By understanding the number of conversions, you will be able to tell whether your content is working, or it needs improvement.

Editing made simple:

Editing is straightforward with Convert kit.

If you think that your conversions are not up to the desired level.

It is easy to make editing and make improvements and edit forms and sequences.

Simple workflow:

The workflow in Convert kit is quite simple.

If you don’t want to perform complete automation at one go, it is easy to do it any time with sequence-based rules which are easy to follow.

Relevant emails:

It is useless to send emails which are unnecessary to the user. Sending random emails to multiple users creates frustration and spoils your market.

On the other hand, sending an email whenever an action is triggered, or a particular condition is fulfilled.

These are called Trigger emails and are very helpful in gaining the right customers.

Simple automatic broadcasting:

Automatic broadcasting is made simple with Convert kit.

If you want to change the look of your website or configure to something new, you need to inform your users.

For this, you can send an automatic email to all your customers.

Comparison of Features and Advantages of ClickFunnels & ConvertKit:


Both of them have features and benefits.

Let us take in a deeper understanding of which one is the best for you.

ClickFunnels is an exclusive online marketing tool for marketers and entrepreneurs.

It will address their requirement of a complete lack of sales and marketing funnel system.

It frames emails and sets up designs for beginners and non-technical people to make customization easy and convenient.

That is why it has a logical user interface.

It has a unique feature called Actionetics, an advanced tool to enable users to design automation workflows.

Based on purchasing behaviour and other user filters.

The following are the details:

ClickFunnels  is an excellent choice for marketers and entrepreneurs.

Convert Kit

Convert kit is an online marketing tool which predominantly emphasizes on blogging, content marketing, and small businesses which have made their place in the online market.

Its seamlessly distinct features and friendly user interface enable bloggers and ordinary people to manage the functions easily.

Automation is also straightforward and can be changed within no time.

Even a technical novice will be able to learn and utilize its features very effectively to follow some of the installations offers that a user will get.

Overall, after a clear understanding of the features and advantages of both the tools.

It can be understood that Convert kit focusees little extra on blogging activities.

On the contrary, ClickFunnels allures its users with its exciting and additional ordinary features. 

It is an exclusive marketing tool that helps in optimizing sales and boost profits.

It is to an extent true that ClickFunnels are a little more expensive than Convert Kit.

Convert a Kit is also a useful tool, but it is more into blogs and small businesses. 

Moreover, its features are not as vast as Click funnel, and its area of operation is also limited.

It makes sense for a small firm, but not if your business is growing.

Looking at the broader spectrum, they have more elaborative and convenient features to make a small business drive away with profits.

 You can have many tubes which you can work out at every stage of marketing.

To decide on a particular tool, you need to experience its features and advantages on our own.

To make this happen, ClickFunnels also offers a 14 Day Free Trial.

And the One Funnel Away Challenge Where You Learn Everything About Funnel Building With ClickFunnels.

 The service providers are so confident of their product that they challenge price refund.

It is the exceptional features that make them dominate the online funnel market.

The fact that many customers have given a 5 star and 4-star rating, and many positive reviews; indicate the effect that it has shown on their businesses.

Many budding entrepreneurs have acknowledged ClickFunnels.

 This online sales funnel can work great guns in optimizing their profits.

It offers both beautiful high-end funnels and landing pages.

It is not just email automation or promotional platform but a Go-to destination for both small and mid-size for their total sales and marketing essentials.

No wonder why Sales Funnel is dominating the online marketing market, thanks to its exceptional features and comfortable work atmosphere.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

🚀 ClickFunnels For Insurance Agents !

The Benefits Of Using ClickFunnels As An Insurance Agent Explained !

There are a majority of the people whom we can find in Internet marketing business.

With a habit of selling as well as buying the products just from other Internet Marketers.

Here one must understand that the market is already oversaturated, and this is the biggest problem here.

The result is very one will start selling the products for very less price to compete with one another.  

So, it’s becoming hard to make some real money.

Every day it’s getting harder since there is increased competition.

The solution here can be on should not think that only through lowering the payment they can sell the product.

But use selling techniques so that they come with a will to buy products with more value.

So, to break out this most significant cycle, one must start selling the products related to internet marketing to the real business owners.

Here real business owners are none other than people like plumbers, doctors, property managers, and real estate agents.

ClickFunnels for Insurance Agents is a great idea.

There will be more than this list, and one find carefully list out them and start selling their products.

ClickFunnels A Brief Summary:

This is a platform which comes with a lot of features.

One among the features which are very popular and useful is it allows entrepreneurs and businesses to design as well as create their entire sales funnels.

This is incredibly helpful for the company, and it can be done just by the click of a few buttons.

When the user signups for this website, he should choose-made, which is high converting funnel which will suit his business.

This is entirely his choice, and if he is not interested in this-made, he is allowed to build the same on his own, but he should do it from scratch.

Irrespective of the chosen ways, this tool is extremely easy to use, edit, and even publishes the funnel.

Through this, one can start earning the profits quickly in their business.

How Insurance Agents Can Benefit From Using ClickFunnels:

There is something called Giveaway Funnels.

These are usually suggested and best suitable resource when we consider insurance agents.

So, let’s try to understand what this Giveaway Funnels.

A Giveaway Funnel is nothing but a mini website which can lead the client or some visitor who is coming down the road to the place.

Where the agent offers some incentive or prize.

This can be some ethical bribe, as well.

Lets’ understand how this works.

How does it work ?

Let’s say customer visit the site to win, and he enters his name, phone number, and even email ID.

Meantime one should keep this contact and consider them as future leads.

Now it’s time to ask qualifying questions. Through this business should decide whether they can be the lead or not.

A simple question can be, is it ok to review an insurance policy ?

Here visitor should be given some options like renters, home, auto, and none of the above.

There should be an option to share this contest even with their close circles like family and friends.

For doing this, they should be given some bonus entry for the competition.

This is the best way through which business can be introduced into the entire new audience.

And this happens through the visitor who got attracted to the Giveaway.

Once the Giveaway funnel was ready, the business should start marketing into by using social media accounts like Facebook Ads.

Through this, it is possible to ensure there will be the first circle of people.

This first line of visitors should be the ones with whom you can talk.

Through these sharing processes, a business can get benefited, and it is possible to get some insight.

Into what kind of people is getting attracted to these types of posts.

These are methods which can yield many opportunities for the future, and they are the ones which can bring some leads.

The most significant thing to remember here is there should not be too many questions to be answered.

If there are more and more questions, then there is a chance that they will quit and will not solve the contest.

This is because visitors will think this eats a lot of time, and just by looking at the questions, they will guess it is complicated.

Another thing they may feel is this is nothing but a scam which wants to get information about me.

Does it work?

For example, there was one client who was giving gift certificates to some local mall.

Later this became popular, and this was the funnel which starting leading to more than 400 contacts just every month.

Even if they do not buy this insurance from the business that is fine, but one thing is sure that they will keep this in mind.

If they need something in the future, they will contact the same business.

The same client added one more thing here. He started posting the photos of the winner every month.

Through this, he made sure that this is not a scam but working in real.

One thing to remember here is Giveaway Funnels are meant to have fun.

Along with that through them, it is possible to create a culture of your own, which will be a surrounding business.

How to find the funnel ?

The most effective way among all for marketing Giveaway funnel is via Facebook ads.

It is possible to home in when we make use of demographics on Facebook.

It is possible to limit the paid reach of some contest to the prospects which exactly fit in that profile.

Along with this, it is also possible to restrict the scope with the relationship, location, age, and even gender limitations.

The business should put in some existing as well as the expensive prize.

This is because if the award is lame, then there is a chance that the contest may flop.

Other benefits of Giveaway Funnel for Insurance Agents

Many businesses are using giveaway funnels for getting more and more subscribers, links, and followers.

This is the contest which can work. When the insurance agent or the company signs up.

They are going to receive all the files which are needed to launch the lead generation funnels.

These are mainly for the following products.

▪️ Insurance Marketing Funnel

▪️ Home Insurance Marketing Funnel

▪️ Annuities Marketing Funnel

▪️ Auto Insurance Marketing Funnel

▪️ Life Insurance Marketing Funnel

So, one must understand here that when they sign up, they are opened to many possibilities.

So, there are endless possibilities for insurance business.

So, it is better to try the ClickFunnels 14 Day Trial to get to know about this.

Mainly when we think of ethical bribery, the best choice is Giveaway Funnels, and they are, of course, ruling advertisement space on the internet.

But understand that they are not here to sell something or they are not selling anything themselves.

Their job is to funnel a massive crowd of people mainly towards something attractive.

Tips For Insurance Agents To Become Succesful With ClickFunnels 

The main thing which is needed for success is business leads.

So, one must find ways to get points most effectively and quickly.

Thus, the best approach is to getting front of millions, thousands, or at least hundreds of people.

There is power in these numbers, and mainly when it comes to the insurance business.

It is nothing but the number game.

Through this sales funnel, it becomes easy to get leads.

Through these leads, it is easier to make sales.

So, the most important thing to understand here is how it can be used for insurance agency business.

But remember that it is possible to generate over hundreds of leads every day.

So, if you are ready to grow the insurance business you have today.

You can star with a Free 14-Day Trial. It is possible to create sales funnel in just 30 minutes.

In less than 20 minutes, one can come up with some landing page.

Today, the best insurance agents are making the highest money.

ClickFunnels is one such integrated system which offers a lot of features for helping people.

In building webinars, sales pages, landing pages, and even set up their billing pages.

Being a landing page and sales page designer and builder, it comes with several templates both for funnel and pages.

In case if the requirement is to build some landing page for the webinar registration, then it offers guaranteed success through several pages.

The entire webinar template will have a landing page, live webinar pages, then your page, webinar replay webpage, and many more.

This can be treated as a straightforward example of what it offers for the business.

Through this sales tool it becomes easy for people to decide on some fantastic idea or some new product which they are thinking to sell.

This can also be some fantasy business which later gets turns into best, well designed, and successful sales funnel.

Through these, it becomes possible to convert the site visitors into actual clients easily.

Instead of sitting and spending a lot of time in designing your page, it is better to make use of ClickFunnels.

If not this, the business has to spend a lot of time, maybe weeks or months in designing the page, and they may need to hire website developers as well.

But when they use, it helps them in making the process of developing an affordable and more straightforward implementation.

It is the one and the only platform we have today which, along with building landing pages, builds sales funnels as well.

When we compare it with its competitors, we can find many features in this which are not present on other platforms.

There are several features which are offered, and some of them are:

▪️Tags and Keywords

▪️Text editing

▪️Trend analysis

▪️SMS marketing

▪️Lead scoring

▪️Interactive content

▪️Visitor tracking

▪️Social media integration

▪️SEO management tools

▪️Performance reports

▪️Affiliate management

▪️Sales Trend analysis and sales reporting

▪️CRM integration

ClickFunnels is one among the very successful platform we have today.

The main reason behind this is, it is allowing any business idea or an original idea, or any startup idea, to build the landing pages.

Which will be inside the sales funnel which will have a history of the attaining conversations.

One thing which makes it helpful is that it can assist solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, and even entrepreneurs for making their pages.

There is more of beforehand work and because of which they will be able to create a page which they desire, and they can use it just by click and point.

So, anyone with some idea, or a product, or some service can make use of it and start selling their product.

Is ClickFunnels worth it?

For each and everyone it feels like a good deal of money.

So, this is best suitable for people who are serious about growing and enhancing their business.

They can reap all the benefits offered and make most of it.

The price is worth when they make use of all the features which the sales funnel provides them.

To give a try, there is a Free 14-Day Trial as well.

Most of the startups or any other individual people.

Who are interested in running some business, selling their product should go for this and use this FREE trial.

It is worth it because there are free instructions provided on the site, it is effortless to use.

And it is affordable and cheaper, and does more when compared to other competitors available.

It is one of the best platforms we have, which offers tremendous significance for its members.

It helps in building funnels, which can be automated and can have conversion tracking as well as results.

There are many other things which it offers and not many other competitors.

If you are running some company, or want to build a business with a lot of offers, then this sales funnel tool is the right choice.

This tool also offers exclusive offers which you can make use. So, without any doubt, any business can make use of the online sales funnel and succeed in their journey. 

It is the best product which can be used by insurance agents as well for generating their lead.

There are many things which they can make use of and best among them is Giveaway Funnels.

It is also possible to save hundreds of dollars through making use of some features and offers like Funnel Hacks and Funnel Builder Secrets.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

The Definitive Guide On How To Promote ClickFunnels !

Learn Directly From The 14 ClickFunnels Super Affiliates !

It comes as a no surprise with most of them buying products and services online, in fact, it is taking over the classic brick and mortar stores at a rapid pace.

The reason for this is quite simple, people prefer browsing for products and services online.

As more than half of the world’s population completely rely on the world wide web.

This being the case, over the decade, most of the businesses whether they are small, medium, or large-scale.

Have also taken to the internet for selling their services and products online.

Right from medicines to groceries to clothes to other kinds of hardware to downloading e-books and other software, it is all done online.

While you had a hobby like knitting or building automobile before, it was confined to the four walls of your house before.

But now with everything going online, you can sell your knitted products or take up custom orders for an automobile online turning your hobby into an income.

This is just a simple example of what could be achieved with the world wide web today.

👨‍💻 An Effective Sales Funnel Is The Key To A Successful Business Online:

There are countless people and businesses that sell things and services online.

While earlier businesses had an online presence to increase their customer base or increase their profits by 30%.

However, today the general idea of small businesses is to sell their products and services completely online.

This being said, there are three aspects of online businesses, that is marketing their products or services, selling it.

And the third aspect that completes the sale is delivering the product or services.

Which is pictorially represented as a funnel where the tapered end depicts the end of a sale.

Which is case of any online business involves delivering the product or service.

Successful online business owners who make huge profits, earning loads of money consciously.

Or without their knowledge use a sales funnel to complete the sale.

So, what are a sales funnel, and why is it important for an online business ?

Sales funnel visually represents a potential client’s journey through the buying process where it narrows down to the successful completion of sales.

It is used in businesses to form marketing plans and strategies that would pool in the potential leads where these leads convert at the bottom of the visual funnel.

Sales funnels are imperative to every business whether online or otherwise as to the profit in terms of the number of sales reflect only.

When your potential lead when purchase from you which is visually represented at the bottom of the funnel.

Thus, creating effective sales funnel for online businesses is very important.

Typically, the sales funnel starts with marketing, then selling, while the last step includes delivering the product or service.

However, one must also consider the fact that a sale funnel is of use only when it is effective.

Thus, creating an effective sales funnel is very important for an online business to thrive.

Also, developing an effective sales funnel is a daunting task where one not only has to invest time but also money.

And after trying out a couple of trials, they derive at an effective one.

But what if an online business owner can create an effective sales funnel in a matter of minutes.

This is possible with Sales Funnel Software like ClickFunnels.

Using the software, people having online businesses can create amazing sales funnels.

That will give the desired results which are not only attracting potential leads but also converting them into sales.

Any kind of business online, whether a wannabe best-selling author or a designer or you want to simply sell products online.

It will help you create an ideal sales funnel for whatever you want to do online.

You Can Make A Living Out Of Affiliate Marketing Programs !

It is due to this fact that ClickFunnels has grown in popularity and scale in a very short term.

It has not only become one of those online platforms that help online businesses drive traffic and profit.

But also has turned out to be a continuous source of passive income for thousands of affiliate marketers.

In fact, there hundreds of affiliate marketers who are quite well-off and live on their earnings via affiliate marketing.

As a few extra earnings is what everyone dreams of but fortunately, there are only a few opportunities to venture into where one of the means.

Which actually helps you make money is affiliate marketing.

Basically, affiliate marketing enables you to earn money as a commission for promoting others’ products or services online.

Though this sounds to be daunting, when rightly done will help you earn that additional income you have always been looking for.

And this sales funnel goes that extra mile by giving you an opportunity to make a living out of affiliate marketing.

With their many products that aid online businesses to grow by increasing their sales with effective sales funnels as an affiliate.

All you have to do is promote the tool to bring in leads that convert.

It helps you earn over $100 in a day and if you can bring in the said number of leads through, they will give you an additional $500 to lease your dream car per month.

More than 90 people have had the opportunity of leasing  their dream car by successful bringing the required number of customers.

Moreover, you get an additional commission on a monthly basis when your lead makes a purchase.

This gives you the opportunity to keep your passive income flowing and over time, you can turn it into the active income of your livelihood.

You can come across many inspiring stories on how this tool has made it possible for both new and successful affiliate marketers in earning money as an affiliate.

The products on the platform are very easy to sell as these give away pointers and effective sales funnels to make one’s online business a huge success.

The Key To Higher Earnings Is By Effectively Promoting:

Some of the affiliate marketers earn more than $4000 a month by being an affiliate.

And depending on the duration the clients you have brought in make purchases.

You get a recurring commission of 40% every month as long as your lead remains a customer.

For example, if your lead A signs up via your affiliate link and continues to be a customer for 5 years.

You will be paid a recurring commission of 40% for the period of five years.

This sales funnel tool has basically two types of packages that their leads can sign up for.

They are $97 and $297 package respectively.

To reach your $4000 a month mark, you will need to bring in leads that convert to 103 accounts.

And in case of the $297 package, the number of leads converting into active accounts is only 34.

Thus, by simply bringing in quality 100 leads you can gain a recurring commission of $4000.

This seems to be an easy task. But the trick lies in promoting it to attract these leads.

So, how to promote ClickFunnels ?

This is a loaded question as you need to understand what works and what does not to bring in quality leads as an affiliate earning a hefty commission.

To become a successful ClickFunnels affiliate you must understand and learn the various ways of promoting to attract potential leads.

This is because the more leads you bring in, the higher the chances of conversion and higher the commission you earn every month.

Thus, when you want to earn commission understanding promoting sales funnels is very important.

It is very efficient in paying its affiliates, thus, you never have to worry about not being paid on time.

To make the most of this large-scale affiliate network which has grown considerably in a short period of time.

You have to first learn everything associated with it to become a part of the huge ClickFunnel affiliate network.

Thorough knowledge about the platform is required to learning promoting the tool.

As a successful site that helps its members derive at successful sales funnels in minutes is the key to a successful online business.

This being said, people who want to start an online business or the people who already have an online business.

And are not able to sell their products and services need a sales to funnel appropriate to their business.

They need it to come with effective strategies to market their products in order to attract potential leads.

And then the process of selling their products to these leads and delivering the same that completes the last step of the sale.

An effective sales funnel also prompts the clients to come back for more products.

After the sale is complete which means that the sales funnel helps in retaining the leads that convert.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced affiliate marketing, you still need to understand certain factors to become an affiliate.

Knowing the ins and outs of sales funnels is of primary importance to increase your chances of earning a higher commission.

You can learn all this and more at the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp which is absolutely free.

All you have to do is sign up for it. This boot camp is a carefully drafted intense and detailed program where you can also learn all about affiliate marketing for free.

Thus, at the Affiliate Bootcamp, you will not only master affiliate marketing but also acquire the skills where you will be able to reach your targeted number of leads.

As an affiliate, you will be indirectly selling their products. And the golden rule of any sales protocol which comes before presenting the sales pitch is the pre-selling on the product.

While promoting services and products online, most often we directly start throwing our sales pages to potential leads.

Without realizing whether they have a convincing purpose for buying the product or not.

Irrespective of their need, we try to push the products at them to buy. This is a very bad practice and makes for a negative sales funnel.

Hence, before jumping in to sell the product, understanding it and also realizing the prominence the product holds for the client is important.

This is the pre-selling which most of us neglect or overlook.

In fact, pre-selling establishes the trust factor with your clients which is very essential for you to sell your products, in this case which is ClickFunnels’ programs.

Once you establish trust with your audience and use it to building up your sale, you will find more potential leads converting wherein they sign up for the Programs.

To achieve this, you can either opt for direct marketing or create a sales funnel.

And, the fact is for long term lead generation that converts.

Creating sales funnel is considered to be more effective where you are chances of earning high commissions is more.

This is because, while creating a sales funnel, you are also building a lasting connection with your potential leads.

You may earn their trust by offering them free products like software, e-books, learning resources, or even tip to become a successful affiliate.

In this case, the clear indication that your clients trust you is when they share their email id with you for receiving more information .

Thus, gradually you can share your affiliate link with these potential clients for them to register for program using your link.

And as long as they remain a customer, you will earn your 40% commission for that particular lead.

Thus, by providing added value to your potential leads by offering them free tips, books, and other services.

You can convert them successfully by creating a pre-selling sales funnel.

Moreover, by earning your potential leads’ even when they do not convert, you can still promote other products you have.

Thus, the leads stay with you and you can always convert later when you have products related to their needs.

This way, you can also grow your client database.

You will know their interests and develop sales funnel and choose products for affiliate marketing that holds their interest.

So, you can either create a sales funnel to acquire lasting leads for your business, or directly market, or do both to develop a loyal client base.

The Free Affiliate Bootcamp 2019 !

This is a summit that will have all the  Super affiliates who have made it huge and even won the additional  $500 per month to make their dream car a reality.

These super affiliates will be giving away their secrets effectively to earn that dream figure of $4000 a month.

Learn from the best to turn your passive income into an active one as a  affiliate.

The Bootcamp will also have sessions on what went wrong for those affiliates who could not earn their commissions or the ones who made very little of it.

As a part of the Bootcamp, the super affiliates will share their experience with their 100-day plan.

The 100-day plan is to enable you to become a successful affiliate earning a commission.

The free affiliate boot camp 2019 will have exclusive interviews of the super affiliates where they will share their secrets on becoming successful as super affiliates.

After the end of the Bootcamp, the founder of ClickFunnels Russel Brunson believes that anyone who enlists for the same.

Will walk away as an expert affiliate marketer on their way to earn that dream money and dream car.

There are many ways of promoting the sales funnel.

Learn the medium and strategies used by the super affiliates where they share their personal experiences as to where they failed and how they overcame the same.

The best aspect of the affiliate boot camp is that you can register for the same for free.

It is an attempt to help the beginners and also the affiliate who have not been able to earn enough commission.

The boot camp will help them realize their drawbacks or where they are actually going wrong.

So that they can start afresh and earn a higher commission by promoting the tool.

Learn Promotions via Email Marketing:

It is a fact that email marketing has grown to be one of the most effective marketing of all.

This is further attributed by the fact that the businesses engaging in email marketing.

For promoting their products and services enjoy a higher rate of returns on investment.

Moreover, the conversion rates of emails are 2% when rightly done.

And if you have developed a lasting connection with your client database, you can always expect a good conversion rate.

Another benefit of email marketing is that you can gradually build the promotional tactic of slowly introducing your clients.

To the product and convince them to register with ClickFunnels.

However, your emails do not indicate your sales pitch, this yet again revolves on pre-selling.

Thus, reiterating the importance of a good pre-selling rapport you establish with your visitors.

The instant impact is yet another aspect of email marketing that will benefit you in promoting the tool.

This is attested by the propinquity of the email you send. It allows you to anticipate results immediately.

You can also reach the audience globally where you can further enhance your client base where you can urge clients from across the globe to register.

Email marketing as a means to promote it can also be measured which is a great way of understanding and analyzing your visitors that will convert.

To carry on with it, you will require an email marketing software.

This software provides you with the scope of tracking the rates of conversion, unopened emails, read emails, etc.

When your campaign fails or your message not delivered rightly, you will thus be able to analyze it, rectify, and retry and thus convert.

You can also join active Forums to learn. In facts, forums are an ideal means of establishing you as an expert.

As you actively participate in community discussions by sharing your reviews and suggestions.

Once you successfully build your credibility on the forum which will further instigate the forum members to click on your affiliate link.

To achieve this, make sure you use your affiliate link in your comments and suggestions.

Promote ClickFunnels Using Solo Ads:

You can also promote the sales funnel through solo Ad which is a kind of email marketing.

Where you send your affiliate links would be sent to a list of emails owned by a vendor where you will pay only for a link click.

It’s a type of pay per click marketing where you will have to pay the vendor when your affiliate link is clicked via email sent to the email list owned by the vendor.

You can find many solo Ad vendors where you can research your best possible options by going through reviews of their previous and existing clients.

While using solo Ad, ensure that you never use a direct link that is not send the traffic to the affiliate product directly.

This also enables you to build a database of traffic that you can control while simultaneously making front end sales by sending the traffic to a squeeze page.

Unlike direct email marketing, solo Ad traffic usually does not convert at the beginning.

However, you can capture the email list and share follow-up sequences to these addresses at the backend.

If you are uncertain about investing in solo Ad then you can start with opting for 50 to 100 clicks initially.

Analyze whether this converts well, and if it does, you can try again.

When you try it out for the first time, it will also be a testing phase which will allow you to understand what will actually work by testing and re-tweaking the content.

Promote ClickFunnels Using YouTube:

When we consider social media, YouTube is one of those platforms that is fast garnering popularity and is a very close second to Facebook.

It is also a wonderful platform for promotion and generating leads.

You can promote it through video reviews which are likely to earn you more traffic and leads.

All you have to do is shoot a video of you talking everything you know about ClickFunnels.

In fact, there are different scenarios where you can use different kinds of review videos where you directly compare ClickFunnels with its contemporaries.

Or simply talk about the perks of becoming a affiliate or create an how to video which basically is the most common type of most viewed YouTube video.

Here you can simply talk about what to do and what not to do as an affiliate to earn high commissions.

But before you start with the shooting of the video based on the different kinds of themes your video is based on, you to perform a keyword search.

This is very important because SEO is not limited to websites or web pages.

Researching keywords includes analyzing the mindsets of your viewers and understanding the kind of phrases they would most probably type in while searching on YouTube.

This is also imperative for other kinds of web pages as well as SEO will also influence in bringing in a targeted audience to your site.

There are easy to use tools that will help you select the right set of keywords.

After researching your keywords, you can proceed with the shooting wherein you can also record your PC screen .

Where you direct the audience of the various steps involved in becoming an affiliate.

 The options are many, provided you use the right keywords to attract potential traffic with different kinds of videos.

While uploading the video, you must also consider the video’s title or heading where always make sure to add the highest ranking keyword or phrase.

Next comes the part of writing down the video description.

Here optimizing the video description is very important.

The description has to be in simple language and contains an adequate number of keywords.

But make sure that you never stuff it with keywords.

Apart from the video description, also optimize the video tags by adding the appropriate keywords.

These keywords should always be the ones that rank high on the SERP.

Promote ClickFunnels Using Facebook:

To date, Facebook has been a widely used social media platform.

Where you can not only connect with individuals and businesses but also promote products using both organic and paid campaigns.

By investing a little in the paid ads you can certainly promote both your affiliate link and increase your conversion rates to earn commissions.

Facebook has a greater reach where almost every minute, there are millions of users visiting it to check the posts of friends and their liked pages.

You can also set up your own Page that will direct the visitors to your affiliate link.

Basically, there are three fundamental ways if promoting your affiliate link and ClickFunnels on Facebook.

These are, using your personal affiliate marketing profile; using Facebook groups;

And lastly by running Ads which is believed to be the most effective means of promotion.

To promote with a Facebook group, you can either promote it by creating your own group or by using another group for promotion.

This requires you to use other peoples’ group where you will be recognized as an affiliate.

Start by providing excessive value when you join new groups by introducing yourself.

Let the other members of the group know about you, what you do and how you are associated with this tool.

Also, share how you are going to positively impact the group with your presence.

Lastly, also share as to how you came across the group and why you chose it.

This will build up the trust factors and turn the group members and their followers into potential leads.

However, ensure that you never promote your affiliate link on the group as this may lead you getting banned from the group.

Once you are through with the preliminary that involves introducing yourself in the group, start posting contents that serve the purpose of the group.

Share your suggestions and actively participate in other’s post by answering their questions.

This will onset the growth of your own network where the other members will eventually become your friends.

And you will be able to share your affiliate link with these people and eventually their friends and followers.

This kind of marketing is known as an ‘attraction marketing’ technique.

The other way of promotion through a Group is by creating your own group which need not be an Affiliate Group.

You can choose a theme which you particularly have expertise in.

Here you need to keep your group highly engaged while gradually building a strong relationship with the members of your group.

You can build your network with more members adding on to your group.

You can then share your affiliate link for generating leads that convert.

Facebooks ads are yet another means of promotion.

Although you will have to pay for the ads, you can rest assured of getting quality leads that convert.

You will have to consider a few factors for your Facebook Ad to work towards bringing in the leads.

It starts with you creating an attractive Ad copy that will attract your target audience.

Keep a simple email capture page and always be certain that your ad is in compliance with the Facebook Ad policies.

How To Promote ClickFunnels Using Quora ?

Quora is a question and answer platform which is fast growing as a reliable source of information.

Especially where a visitor post questions and other visitors provide answers for the same either directly or by sharing links of blog posts.

It is one of the ideal platforms for promoting by giving away expert answers to questions posed by the related audience.

You must note that you can directly promote your affiliate link as it is against Quora’s acceptable use policy.

However, you can post your blog link where you can share your affiliate link through the blog.

That is, you can share your answers and ask the reader to click on your blog link for more information.

You can provide your affiliate link in the blog post which the visitors can click on when they read your blog post.

You can also directly promote your blog links on social media and YouTube.

The affiliate Bootcamp 2019 will help you learn the tricks of successfully promoting the tool where your leads will convert enabling you to earn commissions.

This boot camp serves as an opportunity for people new to it and also to those who have not found success in affiliate marketing.

To polish their marketing strategies to gain more traffic and eventually potential leads that convert.

Writing blogs was one of the initial means of promoting products and services through affiliate marketing.

When you write informative blogs you can  attract thousands of visitors who are either interested to become an affiliate or are owners of online businesses.

Who want to create effective sales funnel to sell their products and services.

You can achieve this huge traffic provided your blog is both informative and interesting.

You will also have to optimize it as per idea SEO standards.

But most importantly, you will have to research the popular keywords relevant to the sales tool.

And your blog must have a good keyword density for organic SEO and otherwise.

The blog link, URL, blog image, videos, infographics, etc.

Must also contain the major keywords to increase your blog’s rank on the SERP or the search engine results page.

Using Google AdWords is also another means of promotion and to drive traffic that converts to your offers.

It requires you to bid on the keywords as per your targeting options.

As like the other means of promotion, while using Google Ads.

Make sure that you do not drive the target audience to your affiliate link and instead build a list of it and redirect it the sign-up page.

Learn Promoting ClickFunnels At The Affiliate Bootcamp 2019 !

Learn promoting and become a super affiliate by registering for the free affiliate boot camp 2019.

Where you can view the personal interviews of super affiliates where they will share their methods and pointers.

That you can successfully implement or modify your strategy accordingly.

Out of the 98 dream car winners, 14 of the super affiliates will be participating in the 4-day boot camp to encourage the affiliates.

Who are new to affiliate marketing.

During the 4-day summit, the personal interview of three to four super affiliates’ are released.

And learn how they won their dream car and retired with the Affiliate Program in just 100 days.

The 14 super affiliates participating in the summit are

Steven Larsen,

Dave Gambrill,

Rachel Pedersen,

Peng Joon,

Jim Edwards,

Greg Jeffries,

Jacob Caris,

Dana Derricks,

Joe Marfoglio,

Spencer Mecham,

Marley Baird,

JR Rivas,

Josh Rhodes,

Tyler S. Clark,

and Billy Gene.

It is a free boot camp to learn the strategies and tactics employed by the above-mentioned super affiliates to retire in 100 days as successful affiliates.

If you still are not an affiliate, you can sign up for the same for free.

It does not cost you to either become a affiliate or to sign-up for the affiliate boot camp summit.

All you have to do is sign-up by sharing your email id and you will receive the personal interview of the super affiliates.

This Bootcamp is not just limited to learning how to promote a sales funnel tool.

But it will also enable you to acquire skills to promote anything to become a full-time affiliate marketer.

Getting deeper into the affiliate boot camp you will realize that are more than 66 video modules.

And a plethora of information to help you learn the ins and outs of being an affiliate and secrets to thriving as an affiliate marketer.

You can truly consider the 100-day challenge to retire as a super affiliate provided you dedicate those 100 days.

Initially, you will have to invest time and money to implement some of the promotional strategies like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.

Once you get it all rolling, you can see the influx of commissions gradually and by the end of 100 days.

You can have gained the confidence of retiring for good to pursue being an affiliate.

On signing up, you will an email every day with training modules that you would be able to understand and assimilate.

If you would want to access to all the modules without having to wait for the videos to be shared each day, it allows you to unlock the entire affiliate boot camp program.

But with the in-depth information and course materials provided, one may feel overwhelmed to understand the entire boot camp content at one go.

Once you receive the initial five videos, the founder of ClickFunnels Russell Brunson will explain all about a sales funnel.

And also what constitutes its building block with respect to doing business online.

After signing up for the Affiliate Bootcamp, you will be introduced to building funnels and testing them;

You will learn all about driving traffic; you will be provided valuable insights to create amazing offers that will prompt your audience to convert;

You will also learn about using social media marketing where you will gain confidence to make the most of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Apart from the video modules, you will also receive worksheets and other downloads.

On the whole, the affiliate program pays its affiliates commissions for not just the software.

But also to promote other products like Funnel Scripts, Funnel University, Funnel Builder Secrets; Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, etc.

It has grown in popularity for not just building sales funnels in meager minutes but also due to its commission package where the recurring commission is a whopping 40%.

You will also earn a second-tier commission where people you refer or their affiliate program would be included in your second-tier.

And you will earn a 5% commissions for every sale your referral will make.

Thus it is a platform where you can earn commission through not just your affiliate program but also through your referrals.

By learning how to promote ClickFunnels at the Affiliate Bootcamp you can further increase your chances of potentially retiring after the 100-day challenge.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

👨‍💻 ClickFunnels VS Thrive Themes

An In-Depth Comparison Both Funnel Builder Softwares Specified To Your Needs !

Today, online marketing is a new game changer, through which a business can grow to heights.

Most of the company and strategies solely are based on online marketing.

Hence, becomes an integral part of the marketing journey, looking at the current scenario.

It would be a better option to stick to online marketing strategy.

The sales funnels which are done correctly can be an excellent way through which it is possible to generate the highest number of leads.

It will also help to gain more revenue through a more significant number of clients.

There are many platforms available today for building excellent sales funnels.

Let’s compare the two best and powerful software – Thrive Themes vs. Clickfunnels.

Before comparing them, we have to understand these two platforms briefly.

Let’s get some general idea about these two platforms.  

We can understand this as a platform available for building sales funnels.

A sales funnel nothing but a series of webpages like landing pages, checkout pages, and opt-in pages.

These are the webpages which help in guiding the visitors and try to turn them into actual paying customers.

It offers the business with several funnels, which are pre-built and help in selling anything the company wants.

There will be tools for measuring the performance of the pipes.

Along with this, in the pro version of this platform, it also offers fresh for email autoresponder and CRM system.

What is Thrive Themes ?

Thrive membership is nothing but a collection of plugins and tools which are designed in such a way that they can be used along with WordPress.

Through making use of this tool, it is possible to create sales funnels along with many other types of websites.

Here also, businesses are offered with instruments for measuring the performance.

Thrive also offers landing page templates which are prebuilt, and there is a website builder as well.

By making use of all these businesses will be able to build complete sales funnels.

Along with these Thrive comes with plugins such as quizzes, countdown timers, and testimonials.

These features can be added to the website or even to the sales funnels which are built.

So, let’s summarize Thrive themes and ClickFunnels as per the information we understood above. Based on the above descriptions, here is a summary

ClickFunnels can be considered as a platform which provides all- in –one solution for building the sales funnels through which to sell services and products.

On the other way, Thrive Themes is nothing but a website building tool which can be used for creating all types of websites along with sales funnels.

So, we have briefly understood both of these platforms. So, now it’s time to dive in and understand what the features which these tools will offer are.

Thrive Themes: The Best Suite of Plugins and WordPress Tools

This is one among the diverse suite of the WordPress plugins and tools which can be used for building sales funnels.

Thrive comes with many plugins and tools. Let’s look into some of them.

Thrive Themes

Thrives Themes can be understood as a set of WordPress Themes which can be used when getting started with building the website.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is nothing but a robust tool which can be used for creating the opt-in forms in the website.

Here using these, it is possible to develop inline forms, slider forms, pop- up forms, and even sticky forms and these can be added on the website.

Along with this, it is also possible to set these forms for showing up some event like when the user exits from the site or even when he scrolls halfway through the page.

The best part is, it is also possible to see, which are the forms that are converting best along with inbuilt analytic tools.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is one of the tools available in Thrive, which is used as a website building tool.

It is possible to use Thrive Architect for building homepages, sales pages, landing pages, and even blog posts.

There are many other things which we can do with this tool.

Along with this, it can also be used for adding buttons, videos, and for adding pricing sections, and many other elements to the web pages.

Landing Pages

There is several templates offered by Thrive tool for building a sales funnel.

It is possible to find pre-built pages for anything and everything in Thrive.

It can be landing page, webinar page option the page, or even fora sales page; there are templates available in Thrive.

Everything which is needed for building sales funnel it is there in Thrive.

Clever Widgets

In case if the business has some website with a lot of content, in that case, it should show the relevant posts in widget sidebar.

This should be based on what the visitor is interested and reading at present, and there should not be the same posts all the time.

So, for this reason, the smart widget can be helpful.

Headline Optimizer

Irrespective of the business or service headlines are the essential things which attract the visitor.

Sometimes it is the thing which decides the post’s success or failure.

There is a feature called headline optimizer in Thrive, which allows for creating many headlines for a single post.

Later user can test and decide one among them.

Then the optimizer will also choose, and pick the most clicked headline, and this headline will be agreed as default for that post.

Thrive Ultimatum

This is a feature in Thrive which helps in adding countdown timer for offers that are presented by the sales page or website.

When the actual timer runs out, that particular offer will come to an end automatically.

Thrive Ovation

This is an excellent feature offered thrive, which allows users to collect testimonials from followers and customers.

This is done either through social media networks or through some submission forms.

Later by using design templates which are available in a considerable number, it is possible to display the same testimonials on the sales page.

This will help in enhancing the conversion rates.

Thrive Quiz Builder

This is one of the excellent tools offered by Thrive. It can be used for building quizzes for the website.

Here also there is an option to A/B testing the examinations.

Later user can tie them to some offer and make use of the answer for segmenting the users and meantime uncover the valuable data.

Thrive Comments

This is a plugin which offers website visitors ability for commenting on the posts, and this helps the business in creating more and more engagement.

Thrive Optimize

Using this tool; it is possible to perform A/B test on the pages which are present on the website or the sales funnel, which comes with some variations.

Later it becomes easy to pick some who have the highest clicks or best deals and make that page as the default.

This is everything about Thrive Theme.

Now let’s talk about ClickFunnels.

There are many features offered by this online sales funnel and let’s try to understand some of the best ones.

🚀 The Best Building System for Sales Funnels:

It can be understood as simplest, quickest, and best way available for entrepreneurs as well as for marketers for building highly effective sales funnels.

Here are some of the best features offered.

💻 ClickFunnels: The Competent Builder For Sales Funnels

The best and most crucial feature is its presence. Yes. It is true.

To understand this, one must try to use this tool. It is straightforward to get hang of it, and business will be offered with ready-to-use funnels here.

These can be used for collecting emails, selling products, and even for hosting some webinars.

The best part is these all can be created in just one click. So, understand that even with a lot of features available, it is easy to use.

For example, take some digital course online, which helps in training pets.

So, this is the business, and the entrepreneur here wants to get the highest number of leads for his business.

Here let’s say that this business needs at least three pages.

The main thing is the sales page, which comes with an opt-in form.

Other can be important checkout page, and one more can be the thank you page.

If he chooses to use Thrive Theme, then he should build all these three pages separately.

He should make these by using these free templates available, but in the case of ClickFunnels, it is not so.

There are many sales funnels available automatically, and they can be created in any order.

There is the only thing which the users should do that is editing the actual content along with that add the digital course.

In the case of other examples, this can be anything that the business is selling.

Backpack And Running Unique Affiliate Programs

There is no need for the business to sell their products or service alone.

There are others through which it is possible to market your business.

Let’s understand this.

By using the backpack feature and through the affiliate programs offered by it, this can be done.

The business should run these affiliate programs, and through that, they should provide people with some commissions.

Which will be in exchange for selling the products.

Through this, it becomes possible to earn their salespeople just for free.

And make them ready to sell their products or services without much effort.

Actionetics and Running Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Understand that this is more than just a tool. This can be understood as a complete system for building sales funnels.

So, if the business gets subscribes for the pro version, then it will unlock complete setoff tools which are well known as Actionetics.

Through this tool, it becomes easy to manage leads for the business.

It is also possible to divide them into some segments; the company can send them targeted messages and emails.

Along with this, they can even see their marketing campaign in entirety.

Later after studying their marketing campaign, if needed, they can do some edit and add additional emails and funnels to the same.

So, through adding a single feature, it is possible to end up with a complete, robust CRM system for the business, along with email autoresponder tool.

Thrive Themes & ClickFunnels Compared In Different Aspects:

Even though there are many features which both of these tools provide.

We have to understand and decide which is better when it comes to creating sales funnels.

We may need to compare them in all aspects. So, let’s take one at the time and let’s begin with the price.

💸 The Pricing Of ClickFunnels:

ClickFunnels costs  $97 per month.

This is the basic plan.

In case if the business needs all the features like CRM system, email autoresponder, and even affiliate system, then marketing should go for some advanced plans.

There are many advanced plans like Edison Suite.

The Advanced Plan costs $297 per month.

💰 The Thrive Themes Pricing:

Thrive indeed costs just $30 for a month for getting the membership.

Through this, it is possible to get all most all the tools in Thrive and plugins as well.

But there is a limit that these can be used for just 25 websites.

This may not be worth it because if the business is some agency, then they need to serve more than 25 sites.

So, there is one more option that is agency membership, and that costs $69 for a month.

It looks like, on the surface, the membership which is offered by Thrive Theme is cheaper.

That too if we compare the two tools in their premium plans, it seems a significantly costly option.

But we should not compare in this way.

This is not right since there is another side which we have to look into.

We have to think about the features which this sales funnel brings.

Free Hosting With ClickFunnels:

There is no need to worry about hosting. It hosts all out websites, and there is no need to pay anything for hosting.

This is not present in case of Thrive Themes.

As long as there is subscription, the business will own all the web pages they have created.

Since hosting is taken care of by ClickFunnels, there is an enormous amount which can be saved.

So, it is worth paying that much for the subscription.

Inbuilt Payment Integrations With ClickFunnels:

Inside, it is possible for the business to set up their payments for their customer.

There is no need to go for some other third-party solution for the fees.

This is a highly significant feature which should be noted.

This is not present in case of Thrive Theme.

If the business is making use of Thrive Theme, then they should look for some payment integration which is offered by the third party.

This can be an additional task to be done, and it may cost a significant amount.

The Preinstalled CRM System Of ClickFunnels:

Even though there is an option in Thrive Theme for collection leads, it does not support a system for storing the same.

This can again be a certain amount of effort. But this is not the case with this online sales funnel builder.

It offers the business an option to save leads, and along with this, it also helps in segmenting them and makes them into lists.

These lists are based on the real actions which they take.

In this case too, if it is Thrive Themes, then it is necessary for integration to be done with the third part CRM system for getting this functionality.

The Integrated Email Autoresponder Of ClickFunnels:

It can it is possible to send all kinds of automated emails to their leads just after they are not in the funnel.

But this is not the case when the business makes use of Thrive Themes.

There is no option to add automated email, and if the company needs this feature, then they should be got for some third party system for email autoresponder.

Adding Upsells & Downsells To Your Funnel With ClickFunnels:

Once the customer buys the initial product or service offered.

It’s possible to sell other services & products in the same funnel with upsellls & downsells.

This is possible when the company makes use of ClickFunnels.

Similar to many additional features mentioned above, even this is not present in Thrive Theme.

And business must make use of some third party solution or tool for this.

So, it makes sure that it provides almost all the features needed by the business like CRM systems, email autoresponder, and hosting the websites.

Even though the cost is a little more, it is worth buying ClickFunnels  since there is no need to worry about using any third party services.

💁‍♂️ My Conclusion Of ClickFunnels VS ThriveThemes:

Of course, Thrive Themes indeed is one among the cheapest service available for building a funnel. But this is the only thing it can provide.

So, this is not the best choice when the business is looking for more functionality.

If the requirement is to have more and more features.

For managing the sales funnels, then if the company uses Thrive Theme, it should look out for integration of extra services needed.

But meantime, it is also true that some entrepreneurs and marketers like to have this freedom of choosing third-party services for extra features.

This allows them to select services and tools of their choice, which help them in managing the funnel.

But the majority of the entrepreneurs do not opt this.

This is because there is an extra burden of signing up as well as paying for all these third-party extensions and tools.

So this is extra effort and hassle which can be avoided when a better sales funnel is used.

So, if the business or entrepreneur or marketer comes in the latter category, then he should go for ClickFunnels.

This is because it is best suitable when someone is looking for complete, and all in one solution or tool for building sales funnels.

More than this, all these bundles of features are available for a fixed price.

So, if people are looking for a complete solution fora single price, then it is the right choice.

There is a FREE 14-day trial which is available, and anybody can try this to understand the features offered.

This sales funnel comes with each and everything that is needed for creating a  sales funnel.

Along with this, when it helps to manage the lead, and it is also possible to automate the entire process of marketing process through tools.

And this automation is done just under a single roof. So, it is designed in the best way to help to build sales funnels.

Having an internal payment method and hosting are the two best features.

Even though at first, it may feel that this tool is costly, but it can be understood that it is worth buying this.

When the business chooses other platforms like Thrive Themes.

Which doesn’t come with a payment solution, then it has to depend on choosing other payment solution which can become expensive.

Along with this, hosting with their expenses can also be expensive.

Along with this, email autoresponder and CRM system can also be helpful for the business.

So, instead of looking at the price, today’s modern companies should look into the platform.

Which comes with complete and all-in-one solutions so that there is no need to get the help of third-party solutions for each and everything.

This will add up the expenses, and there will always be some or other headache in choosing and integrating different systems with the existing platforms.

So, when it comes to comparing, ClickFunnels always works the best, and every business should try out the Free 14 Day Trial offered by ClickFunnels.

When used correctly, it can be the best solution for an entrepreneur or a startup business.

Full funnel view, payment system integration which is available on – page, built in feature for plain text auto email autoresponder.

Are some of the best features which are offered and these are not present in Thrive Theme and many other competitors.

One more thing is splitting the test page variations which can be done within some funnel step.

This is the biggest plus point. So, whenever there is a requirement for all – in – one solution, the business should look for the best sales tool builder.

My personal favorite sales funnel tool is ClickFunnels.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

The Most Definitve Guide & Tutorial On ClickFunnels In 2019 !

Funnel builders for online sales is quickly gaining popularity in multiple ways.

Whether as a software or an affiliate program or a guide to build your online business, in a short duration of time, it has garnered a recognition.

That prompts many like you to learn all about it to either help you start your online business or to help you earn commissions as an affiliate.

What exactly is ClickFunnels ?

How does it help online businesses ?

How does one earn commissions on it ?

You will learn all this and more from this complete ClickFunnels Guide to the online sales funnel builder.

In a nutshell, it is a Sales Funnel Software which is a preferred ClickBank alternative.

As the name suggests, it is used to build sales funnels to increase the sales of your business.

A Sales Funnel basically is a visual representation of your customer’s journey through the sales process.

It is typically used by successful businesses to not only increase their sales.

But to also retain the customer by earning their loyalty so that they will always get back to you for buying more of your products and services.

This being said, when you create an effective sales funnel where an online business is concerned.

It will help you right from strategizing to planning to marketing to selling to delivery of the product and services.

This funnel builder also helps you in launching your product the right way.

The platform also helps you realize the right kind of product suitable for you to drive sales by aiding you in creating a funnel for the same.

The online sales funnel builder is even more important considering today’s digital scenario where people prefer doing everything online.

Right from buying things and services to connecting to people to sharing reviews online.

In fact, the customers who conduct business online are technology savvy and realize the difference when something is genuinely offered online or otherwise.

As an effective sales funnel derived, it will help you gain the trust of these technology-driven online customers.

Where you will present them with materials and promotional campaigns that bring in the awareness and importance of your products that you market online.

In short, it will help you derive optimal content and landing page for your targeted audience.

The "Sales Funnel" a pictorial metaphor of increasing your reach ...

Firstly, understanding what constitutes a typical sales funnel for increasing the sales of your online business.

Is important to build your own sales funnel in terms of the kind of business you own online.

The constituents or elements of the visual representation are as follows.

The wide opening of the funnel acts a Lead Magnet.

Where it tapers down are the challenges that end at the other end of the funnel which indicates the sales being successfully accomplished.

It is when your targeted audience makes a purchase.

Precisely, the wide top of the funnel indicates the mobile app users, and your page visitors broadly classified as your audience or traffic.

While the bottom of the funnel depicts the conversion into a sale.

The main objective of the funnel is setting up the right marketing strategy to gain as many prospective leads with a higher conversion rate.

The sole purpose of marketing here is to both build the awareness concerning your product or service.

And to increase the demand for your service or product in the online market.

The movement of your customer through the funnel will depend on the set of marketing activities you have strategized to increase awareness.

Or to educate the potential traffic of the advantages or the pros of all that you have to offer in terms of products and services.

Through this journey down the sales funnel, right from the initial contact to the delivery of the product or service.

Your clients are learning a lot more about your product.

Or to why they need to purchase it solely from you and thus building on your customer trust and relationship.

By establishing this easy sales rapport with your customer.

You are encouraging your customer to always come back to you for whatever products or services you are offering.

The pictorial metaphor of the funnel that narrows at every step emphasizes the prospects dropping off from the funnel where at the end few potential customers are left.

This is one of the reasons you need to create strong marketing activities such that you have large numbers of potential customers.

To begin with, so that you still have a good number of them left who will definitely convert into a sale.

This being said, it is imperative to understand the sales funnel and its significance as it aids you to understand the customer’s journey.

Right from the stage of initial awareness to conversion.

The funnel gives you a detailed outline where you can identify the areas that need improvement by analyzing your online business.

ClickFunnels help you build a CTA in your website.

In a typical sales funnel, a customer reaches the juncture when they are ready to ready to purchase.

Here, will help you build the action button on your website by aiding you in designing and strategizing an optimal CTA button into your website.

The CTA button is just a tool that your client will make use of to buy the product.

A strong lead magnet to attract your target audience:

When we breakdown the sales funnel, we derive at a few basic elements which when you give prominence to your conversion rates will drastically increase.

One such element of a sales funnel is a lead magnet.

A lead magnet could be anything, it could be a simple one-page free content that you would offer to your audience when they share their email address.

Generally, visitors when looking for information or products most often want to know everything about the product or service.

This is where you can make use of the lead magnet to attract potential customers online.

Your lead magnet could be a checklist to a downloadable book or software, it could be a video or any kind of content the audience is keen on.

Always make sure that your lead magnet is on the line along with your product or service, for instance.

If your target audience are pet owners then your lead magnet should be related to pets like pet food, pet health, pet-friendly restaurants, etc.

Thus, you can conclude that the lead magnet is a necessary tool to attract your target audience in particular.

And this online sales builder will always help you design your ideal sales funnel and give you better ideas.

On what kind of lead magnets you could use for your particular online business.

Lead magnet is the most important component of a sales funnel particularly for online businesses.

This is because, the sales are driven by traffic that converts.

The more leads you attract, the more the chances of conversion.

It is a fact that out of the 80% leads generated, 20% converts.

Thus, a lot of thought should be put into finalizing the kind of lead magnet you would want to incorporate in your sales funnel.

You can also create a membership funnel to share your highly paid content.

Where in this case you can exchange the lead;s email address for the freebie you provide as the lead magnet.

Most often, people in general are attracted to the hidden freebies just for the sake of intrigue it has to offer.

By making use of this buyer psychology you can attract your target visitors and then easily convert them into sales.

By pitching the right promotional activities which your sales funnel will depict while you are creating it using the software.

Challenges are a part of any business, and the key lies in overcoming these challenges.

The challenges in the visual metaphor of the sales funnel are the issues your product or service will likely face.

Here, you need to come up with the best probable solutions to overcome these challenges.

The challenge could be your competitor giving your audience the same kind of product or service.

The key here to outshine your competition is to design a better marketing strategy.

A sales funnel derived teaches you just that and prepares you to overcome these challenges.

When you create a sales funnel, you will not stop at promoting and marketing your product or service alone.

You will also not stop once the customer buys your product.

And this is in contrast to what most of the online businesses do where they stop their funnel after the sale.

ClickFunnels helps you understand the importance of making you stay connected with your client to post the sale.

That is the sales funnel that you create will urge you to create marketing strategies that will encourage your client.

To seek your brand or business for their future purchases as well.

This makes the sales funnel builder important for any kind of online business.

The Inundate Significance Of ClickFunnels:

As an effective marketing platform, this sales funnel builder makes it extremely easy for you to sell anything.

For instance, if you are an author and want to release your book, this software will help you promote and market your writing to become a bestselling author.

It is also the same for selling your products and services where it will enable you to sell it irrespective of the hurdles and challenges your business faces.

Basically, it builds sales funnel; but it also helps you in creating your landing pages using platforms.

Like WordPress furthering you to use plugins to help attract traffic to your page.

Another façade of this funnel builder is that of an e-commerce platform.

Where you will sell subscription products or build membership sites.

Where it could be an online forum or course or anything to do with your business.

It also gives opportunities to become affiliates where you will be paid commissions for bringing in new customers.

Another aspect is that with it you can encourage visitors to share their email address with you by creating a landing page specifically for this purpose.

It is an exchange of a freebie for the email address.

Such type of landing page is referred to as an opt-in page.

With this funnel builder, creating such effective opt-in pages is as easy as downloading a template to customize it as per your need.

The freebies are the lead magnets that could be anything from e-books to cheat sheets to special promos to exclusive reports or even discounts on certain products.

ClickFunnels is considered to be the best Sales Funnel software which helps you build an entire sales funnel in just a matter of minutes.

Typically, for designing a sales funnel, a lot is at stake including your time and money.

You will require the inputs of experts and a lot of research.

But with this builder you can save your time as clear instructions, tools, and designs are provided.

And all you have to do is learn to access it and its tools for creating an effective sales funnel.

You can find all that you need to build a sales funnel and a landing page.

Which is much easier when compared to opting for other sales funnel building software.

Where you will have to create the opt-in page using a different software and a landing page using another software.

As a sales funnel has many constituents and elements apart from the opt-in and landing pages like the order forms,

▪️ a thank you page

▪️ checkout page

▪️ payment processor integration

▪️ email service integration, to name a few.

You can avoid all these hassles and inconveniences as you can create all these and more using only the software.

Moreover, this software consists the easiest to use interface which is quite intuitive when compared to the other sales funnel building tools and software.

In a nutshell, it helps you in creating a complete sales funnel in a very short duration of time when compared to others that take days and sometimes months together.

It is also ideal for hosting paid content.

Most often, one finds it difficult to host paid content on content creating platforms like WordPress where everyone can view the content.

What if you wanted to share this content with people who paid for it. It allows you to do this.

You can host all forms of paid content whether it is a video training or templates or blueprints or checklists.

You can share this high-value content with only those who pay for it by creating a membership URL and a secret URL.

Most often, online businesses that are already established are struck somewhere down the line.

Where they are unable to earn the profits they had anticipated while starting the business.

Or sometimes, you are not happy with your job and want to start your own business but you do not have a clue as to where to start.

Affiliate marketers are sometimes unable to find a large target audience or reach.

The one click away challenge is the common solution to overcome all these above-mentioned obstacles.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a course where you will be provided with worksheets, study materials, blueprints, etc.

Along with training sessions that will teach you everything about building funnels

▪️ starting online businesses

▪️ selling products which you were otherwise unable to; increase your reach, and a lot more.

It will cost you only $100 to sign up for this challenge where you will be provided with materials worth $3126.

The materials include one channel away customized kit for 30-days:

▪️ MP3 player

▪️ 30-day video mission by Russell Brunson

▪️ 30-days of coaching from Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian, and more.

The best part of the One Funnel Away Challenge is that it is not just for people who want to sell their products but also for affiliate marketers and service providers.

Here, you will learn to create your own product based on your interest and also learn how to be a successful affiliate and other affiliate programs.

The objective of this challenge is to aid you in implementing your business plan in 30-days which is the duration of this challenge.

One signing up and receiving the materials and diligently watching the videos.

You will be able to increase your reach and in turn, potentially leads for your business or your affiliate program.

For those of you who do not have the time for the videos can always watch it during your free time.

However, it is recommended to stay on par with the 30-day course to reap the benefits of the challenge.

Moreover, the MP3 player that comes as a part of the course materials contains audio tracks of Russell Brunson’s daily training right from day 1 to day 30;

It also has the audio recordings of Stephen Larsen, the MP3 totally has 51 audios and 40 hours of training for those who can listen to it while traveling.

When you start your One Funnel Away Challenge, pre-training is the first phase where you will find a daily post, worksheet, video, and other course materials.

After this, you will actually begin your One Funnel Away Challenge.

It is important to note that these posts and study materials will exist in your account only until the duration of the course.

After day 30 it will not be available to you other than the video interviews and audio files.

This step is taken by the wonder funnel builder for online sales to help you stay on track with the 30-day course duration.

Sign-up others and earn commissions as an affiliate

Even if you do not want to sell anything online, you can still benefit from ClickFunnels. You can still earn commissions by becoming an affiliate.

If you have the basic a=understanding of driving traffic to Ads, you can easily earn commission for every lead that converts through your affiliate link.

Even when you have relatively no knowledge about being an affiliate.

You can still earn a lot of money by either opting for any of the training programs or the Affiliate Bootcamp which is absolutely free.

Also, becoming an affiliate is free where all you have to do is sign-up for the same.

This funnel builder for online sales is soon garnering popularity as one of the best funnel building software.

But it is not just limited to creating funnels, it also guides users to design landing pages, opt-ins, thank you pages, etc.

Thus, when it has a lot to offer, signing up others will be easy to earn your share of commissions as an affiliate.

As an affiliate you will get a 40% recurring commission for existing customers who will sign up through your affiliate link.

You will also earn additional 5% commission for every sale your referral will make which is referred to as your second-tier commission.

As this software for online sales is a pretty easy to use and an in-demand software.

And guide to online businesses, you can easily sell its various programs to your traffic by simply promoting it.

Sign-up and begin learning everything about it and its affiliate programs.

You can use a number of online platforms to promote ClickFunnels like using Facebook, YouTube, Quora, Google Adwords, etc.

What is Funnel Builder Secrets of ClickFunnels ?

This is an all-inclusive program that helps you learn everything and all about funnel building.

It gives you access to the program along with other ClickFunnels Guide and training programs.

You also get the 12-month Enterprise worth $297 a month along with a year’s subscription of Funnel Scripts.

In a nutshell, this program offers everything right from designing to launching your funnel.

Funnel Builder Secrets comes in three pricing plans that are $5997, $2997, and $1997 respectively.

The pricing is inclusive of the subscription and the additional training that you choose.

The program is totally worth your money and more. All the packages also come with a guaranteed 1 month refund.

For instance, the actual value of the $1997 Funnel Builder Secrets pack is $11552

✅ where you will receive unlimited Funnels Bonus,

✅ 12-months of Funnel Scripts worth $2997,

✅ a Traffic Secrets Membership worth $1997,

✅ Training for Funnel Builder secrets worth $997;

✅Funnel Hacks Masterclass worth $1997;

✅and your ClickFunnels Enterprise Account worth $3564.

Similarly the $2997 pack’s worth is $11552 and the $5997 pack’s value is $25113 where you get unlimited Funnels Bonus;

✅ 12-months of Funnel Scripts worth $2997;

✅ a Traffic Secrets Membership worth $1997;

✅ Training for Funnel Builder secrets worth $997;

✅ Funnel Hacks Masterclass worth $1997,

✅ 12-month of Enterprise worth $7128 + Clickstart Coaching Calls (eight) worth $9997.

Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar is a part of the value-based packs.

Where it will help you understand all that you need to learn for running a successful business right from the startup level to the 2 Comma level.

Here, you will learn to analyze if the funnel you build will work for your business or not;

You will also learn to watch your competitor’s funnel so that you can compare it with yours for enhancing your sales funnel.

You will also realize the best type of sales funnel you can build for your online business no matter what it is.

Along the way, you will also learn to redirect your competitor’s traffic to your landing page.

The Funnels hacks Masterclass will showcase all the tricks and techniques of how you can enter others’ funnel and hack it.

It will give you an insight on how to analyze the best funnels with the highest conversion rates.

Here, you will also get free opt-ins, webinars and membership funnels for sharing high paid content exclusively with your clients.

Along with access to converting email sequence and offer creation, you will get a whole lot more in the Funnels Hacks Masterclass.

Also, the Funnel Builder Secrets training will provide you all the technical insights to aid you in building a funnel that will superbly work for your business.

You will learn more about membership funnels, product launch funnels, auto webinar funnels; webinar funnels, etc.

The Traffic Secrets Membership is the best deal of all the packs.

Where you will learn all the hidden techniques that help in generating both free and paid traffic to your website and also sales funnels in general.

The engine room of copywriting that is the Funnel Scripts that help you with writing copies.

Like your Ad copy, email sequences, sales letters, webinar slides, and headlines to name a few.

This is very important as copywriting is imperative to attract your target audience and potential leads.

The highlight of the $5997 pack is +8 ClickStart Coaching Calls program worth $9997.

Which is an onboarding program aimed to provide you with a one-on-one special coach for a period of 8-weeks.

Your coach will make certain that you are thorough when it comes to using.

All the best features to aid you in building the best sales funnel for a whopping sales and reach.

The first session in the +8 ClickStart Coaching Calls Program will be the welcome session.

Where your assigned coach will learn about your business goals and ambitions after which is the onset of your session 1.

In this session, your coach will help to create your value ladder alongside your funnel blueprints.

In session 2, your coach will actually build you your funnel.

And will also guide you to create scripts and copies whilst sharing valuable feedbacks and suggestions and more.

The session 3 is where you will master the page editor and also the software to build your own funnels.

You will get you to order pages, and your products and integrations will be up and running in session 4.

You will be able to set up your membership site, affiliate program alongside testing your funnel by the end of session 5.

While session 6 is all about laying your blueprints and session 7 is all about.

Delivering values to your subscribers using sequences and broadcasts.

Whereas session 8 will the funnel testing, optimization, and publishing session which is the last session.

The Advantages of Funnel Builder Secrets:

Apart from the best programs clubbed in the various value packs where you save a lot of money.

You will also gain a lifetime membership to all the  training, resources, and bonuses to name a few.

The Funnel Builder Secrets will get you all settled to lead a successful online business.

Where you will experience the influx of money and traffic for a period of at least 6 months.

It is a one-stop shop for building funnels and also driving the targeted traffic that has a higher rate of conversion.

The secret to making the most to increase your annual income.

Is revealed here and also, it is the most risk-free deal of your lifetime where you not only have the 30-days money back guarantee.

But you also end up saving a considerable amount of your money as each package is a value-based one where you gain a lot more than you invest.

If you are a person selling online products whether physical, digital or services, you definitely need the Funnel Builder Secrets.

This is because it is the key to converting your targeted audience and also to increase your reach online.

Another important aspect you need to consider about the Funnel Builder program is the fact that it comes with bonuses that add value to your investment.

You will not only get lifetime access to these bonuses but will also have the advantage of revising and revisiting the training program.

Did you know that you will save $5275 when you sign up for the $1997 plan ?

It gets better with the $2997 and $5997 plans where you will save $6055 and $13052 respectively.

So, it is time for you to make the most of ClickFunnels to experience a lifetime of success with your online business and online presence.

There is still a lot more you can explore and the possibilities are countless that will arise in the long run as it has only grown in popularity since its inception.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

👨‍💻 The Upsell Software ClickFunnels !

Customer satisfaction with product quality plays an essential role in keeping the business running at its best.

However, there can be unforeseen situations where the business is forced to face dramatic situations.

It is at this point; a company may start thinking on the consequence regarding everything.

Be a product and feels that this may be the leading cause of all the other issues.

But there can be many other factors which are causing this, and one can be the pricing of the items you are selling.

It is not easy to decide and set some price for an item.

This is a challenging job, and many times, it can be tricky.

In case if the business sets up too low prices, it may be possible that there will be a lot of sales but meantime one must also think about the profits.

Buy selling it for a meager price can affect the benefit, and you will be able to yield very less profit.  

In another way, if the price of the item is high, one thing is there will be a right margin with every sale, but there will be limited customers to buy these items.

So, it becomes essential in a business to catch and hit that sweet spot of pricing.

Every business should think of some pricing tactics.

For example, if a company is struggling when it comes to determining the price of the item to be set, or sales are not happening as expected.

Then it is the right time to start thinking about pricing strategies.

Let’s discuss some of the best pricing strategies, upsell software and their benefits as well.

Most of the pricing strategies that we have discussed here are common, and some are unique and new.

Along with pricing strategies, it is the right time to look at the role of upselling, which should be used in the sales funnel for gaining additional profit in your business.

So, understanding the usage and purpose of upselling in the sales funnel is essential to increase the advantage in the market.

Some of the Standard Pricing & Upselling Tactics:

Cost-based Pricing

This is one of the effective types in pricing, and it is quite straightforward for one to understand.

In order to implement the strategy, it is essential that one must calculate the actual cost of which is needed to make that item.

So, once this is clear, then only we can go forward in this strategy.

After this, a price should be added to this site, which is nothing but the amount which the business is expecting to make from this item.

So, there should be a price which can be added to the actual cost and decide the final price.  

This cost may be decided based on the percentage of the total expenditure on per product basis.

There can be some additional cost that is markup.  

Now let’s start with the advantages of this method.

This is the most natural way we have to decide or fix the cost of an item or product.

So, cost-based pricing is the conventional method used by many businesses.

This is a fast and straightforward approach which takes less time.

This is very much useful for small companies and especially for online companies which offer many types of products on sale.

The best part is when this strategy is used; it helps in keeping the business very competitive.

So, if the main idea is to keep your company competitive then better to follow cost-based pricing strategy.

There are a few drawbacks for this strategy. Even though it is straightforward, it need not be the best approach we have.

So, we cannot say that this is suitable for all online companies with a variety of products on the sale.

It is possible that when the company makes use of this cost-based pricing; there is a chance that it may miss out the potential added sales as well as revenue.

One more thing is, cost-based pricing never considers a bundle of other factors which we will discuss later.

Value-based pricing

This is different when compare to cost-based pricing.

Here the company should think from the customers perspective, and it should set a value which the worth of that product which customer thinks it to be.

When we believe that customers are thinking to pay and buy that product, then start setting the price for that item.

There are many ways through which it is possible to determine the price which is based on the value.

One method is through looking at the expense of the similar products which competitors are already selling and setting the comparable price.

Here the company should see the product and decide what the difference is and then place some value on that difference.

Meantime one must also remember to collect some feedback from the customer and ask them that what is the actual price which they want on this item ?

In case if the values – based pricing which is already decided meets the customer expectations.

The company should go with that price and think that this will work.

So, this method can bring in sales as well as profit to the company.

Now let’s discuss some of the advantages of this strategy.

It is an excellent strategy mainly for companies which sell less variety of products.

The right strategy of the company wants to keep in touch with the customer and want to understand what he expects.

This is the best pricing tactics which help the company in getting some education on selling the item based on the actual value of the product.

There are some drawbacks as well for this strategy.

Unlike the earlier method, which is cost-based, there will be more work which the company should do when deciding the price of a product.

It is also necessary to start studying your competitors and meantime keep in touch with the customers.

There is one more complication here.

There are times when customer expectation and competitor price may change dramatically.

So, when this strategy is followed, there will always some unpredictability which the company should accept.

Price Anchoring

Anchoring of price is one among the prevalent and common pricing tactics but unfortunately most of us not aware that it has some name.

This is the technique where the customer will be shown that there are similar products with a different price range.

So, the company should offer the customer with varieties of prices which are in a field.

Even though the lower amounts will attract them at first, this strategy comes with some tactics which will make higher items attractive as well.

For example, a company offers different plans for its customer.

The basic idea may be for $10 for a month, $25 for a boosted plan and there is one more called deluxe pan which is available for $50 a month.

So initially the customer will get easily attracted by the two lower amount plans, and they will try it.

The advantage of this plan is customer will start comparing the prices, and they always like this comparison shop.

So, if the company itself allows this, they will feel happy and get attracted easily.

Along with this, one more advantage of this strategy is customers always like when they are given many options.

This is because they will get more information which helps them in decision making on the purchase.

There are some drawbacks as well for this strategy.

Even though pricing tactics is excellent and works most of the times, sometimes it may not. If there are single or very few products, then it may not work well.

Another thing is the company always wants the customer to buy the best or expensive item.

But this price anchoring strategy always attracts and drags them in the opposite direction.

But this doesn’t mean that they will not investigate other elements.

They will also check the high-priced items, and this benefit will always get delayed.

Freemium Pricing

This is very simple to use.

The company should offer some item or service for free, and this is given for something they buy.

There are many online companies which are already following this pricing strategy.

Mainly the companies which are selling online software and tools follow this strategy.

The free items will be available in the form of demos or free trials.

Here the main idea behind this is to give some taste of the actual product.

So, once they get some refinement, they will feel eager to pay more and buy more.

ClickFunnels is the one best example which follows this strategy.

It is possible to give a try to the product through its Free 14 day Trial offer.

Through this, it becomes easy for the customer to decide whether this product is useful for their company or not.

They can also determine if it can help them in crafting their sales funnel or not.

There are many advantages to this pricing strategy.

Through offering some free trial or some demo, it is possible to portray a high level of confidence in your product.

It is like saying that I am confident that you will like it and hence I am offering the demo for free of cost.

So, this can be the simplest, quickest, and best way to put the product in the customer’s hands.

There are over 83% of the customers who feel happy and enjoy the product they got for free of cost.

There are some drawbacks as well for this pricing strategy.

Compared to other pricing strategies, there are fewer drawbacks for this strategy.

There are indeed some customers who take some advantage of this.

But this advantage outweighs the cost which has endured.

Price Skimming

Price skimming is nothing but some activities through which we put the new product at some high price and then slowly lessening it.

This is the strategy usually used for items like electronics.

For example, when a company releases some new phone, the price will be high.

By a year or more, the price will start coming down.

Initially, people may think that it sounds extraordinary when they put a high price on some item.

But some people will feel good when the price comes down.

In this method, it becomes possible to provide some offers which no else is producing.

There are many advantages to this strategy.

When the product is unique, it is possible to attract customers, and it is also possible to gain a lot when the price is high.

There are many approximately early adopters who will always be ready to get the hang of it.

However, there are others who are mentally prepared to wait and buy these items at a lower cost.

Price skimming is something which can create a buzz around the product.

This will make people sit and watch the item price going down with complete attention.

There are some drawbacks as well for this strategy.

The main pointer to focus here is that, “when the item is released at first with a high price, a lot of customers might not be happy about it”.

There is a risk that they may not return even when the price goes down.

Penetration Pricing

This is right opposite to price skimming.

Here the item is entered in the competitive market with the price tag, which is much lower than that of similar products by the competitors.

After some time, when the company can gain more and more shares in the market, it should raise the price of the item to normal levels.

Penetration pricing should be used by new companies when they start and are in the initial stages of growth in the market.

This is the right way to get noticed among the competitors that are already established in the market.

All customers like the items at lower prices. So, there are many advantages to this pricing strategy.

It is possible for the company to get noticed right away through this strategy for pricing.

As more and more customers start flocking to this, they should stick for the same price for some more time and then start raising it.

The drawback of this method is pretty clear. Understand that penetration happens in a highly crowded market.

So, there will be competition from the beginning, right out of starting blocks.

So, when it comes to offering the item at a meager price, there will be some noticeable loss to the company.

If the company is large and established, then it can digest this loss, but it is difficult for small companies with minimal resources.

Let’s talk about Upselling

One must understand the art of upselling before going any further. It is a pricing strategy which usually works and is independent of the price.

Let us look into the aspects within the platform.

An upsell software is nothing but the company offering some extra item to customers.

But understand that there is no point in merely providing something more to the customer on its own.

So, an essential thing is when offering a price, one must submit the item in order to letting it compliment the actual item in their hand.

This is the best and most excellent way when it comes to boosting sales.

Through this, it becomes easy to gain the highest customer satisfaction as well.

Along with this, company can also enhance the AOV or average order value through.

The best part is adding the Upsell step in the sales funnel, and this is very easy in ClickFunnels.

All that a customer should do here is click a buy button, and this will automatically get added to their order.

There will not be extra work where they need to re-enter the information.

Pricing Tactics and Earning High

When the company is making use of ClikFunnels, they should always think of upselling.

Through these upselling and by adding the right tactics in pricing, it is possible to experience an uptick in the sales.

There are options to see and check different strategies as well.

The company should decide on the ones that bring the best results.

Through all this, it is possible to move more and more products than before.

Implementing Upsells In Your Sales Funnel

It can be understood as offers at back ends.

These are the offers showed to the customer when they are about to start filling in the payment information for the current or main offers.

So, this comes in between the checkout and thank you page.

Implementing upsells offered, can provide the business some extra money through hooking the mind of the customer.

But you need to ensure that the offer is in-line to the main buying offers.

If this is not the case, the customer will ignore it.

In case if the business thinks that they should focus and go with the main offer.

Then they should understand that they are lagging behind their competitors.

There are many reasons why we should always implement up the sell sales funnels.

Some of them are:

▪️For boosting the AOV or average order value

▪️It is good that you are earning more, but through use, it is possible to spend more on the ads

▪️Through these offers, it becomes effortless to make more money, and hence it becomes possible to minimize the costs given on leading offers.

This will help in earning more from the leading offers

So, it is essential to map the sales funnels for making most out of these.

There should be a positive flow in the sales funnel and make sure that it is maintained.

Along with this, the funnel always should get aligned with the main offer.

ClickFunnels should be the go-to option when it comes to building sales funnels for a business since it provides all the necessary components required for developing it.

So, there is the  Free 14-Day Trial also available which one must try for building sales funnels and adding upsells in it.

All About One Funnel Away Challenge

This is nothing but a 30-day training which helps in guiding the step by step procedure for launching the first funnel.

You have three coaches who are equipped enough to provide the complete training.

In this challenge, there will be lessons which are at least five-week worth.

Instead of going through many other courses and searching for different classes, this One Funnel Away Challenge from ClickFunnels is the best choice.

It is best suitable for affiliate business.

It is worth the money, and each entrepreneur should try this.

Final thoughts

Initially, it is imperative that one must have some service or product to market.

So, once this is ready, they should try this software for selling it.

After this, the business should invest some money and time for creating their value ladder and most importantly, the complete sales funnel.

There are many examples and proofs to show if the customer is not clear about the importance of creating a sales funnel.

The best example can be multi-million-dollar sales funnel, which belongs to Russell, and this will become a source of inspiration for anybody.

So, every business should learn to create a sales funnel, and they should learn how they can tell stories for selling their services and accounts.

When it originates to the selection of the software, of course, it all depends on the customer decision.

Before choosing anything, they should decide on their need, and along with that amount of effort, they are willing to put on their business.

They should always think once about creating a sales funnel, which can be high converting in terms of sales.

There is the best option Clickfunnels Paypal One Click Upsell.

This is very useful when the customer is willing to increase the average lifetime value of the client. It can be the best software for your business.

It is quite enlightening and inspirational as well for the entrepreneurs under training.

So, what are you waiting for ?

Here you can leverage the 14 Day Free ClickFunnels Trial

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

Everything About The Marketing- & Sales Funnel !

Sales and marketing are two sides of a coin.

We know that sales and marketing are two functions which are entirely related to one another.

It can be challenging to separate these two and a daunting job as well.

It is understood that these are very closely intertwined.

It is also true that marketing is something which is an overall function which encompasses varieties of commercial activities which are diverse.

Marketing is associated with many core activities, and one among them is sales.

So, always keep in mind one thing that marketing and sales still share a funnel.

Hence it is challenging to comprehend some differences between these sales funnel and marketing funnel.

This is the reason the topic sales funnel vs. marketing funnel has become so controversial.

Here we will understand and try to define these terms and later try to make some differentiation among these two.

Along with this, one must also look into the communication software, which is very much needed.

The Marketing Funnel vs. Sales Funnel Definition

Before even going further in explaining these things, one must understand the funnel word here.

Funnel is nothing but the steps which the customer will go through when he is in the prospect of a buyer.

In other words, these are the set of actions or events which will take place before the customer buys what he needs or his desired product.

In some cases, it can be a service as well.

What is a Marketing Funnel ?

Understand that marketing is an integral part of the business.

This helps in enabling the brands to enhance their visibility and help in gaining a competitive edge against other competitors in the market.

So, the marketing funnel is nothing but the system which guides the potential customers in the entire journey.

It is from the first time when they started interacting with that brand to the point where they build some urge entirely to buying the same service or product.

A marketing funnel is something which can also be understood as a guide for prospects to introduce a particular brand.

A marketing funnel is also renowned so that it helps to enable business in visualizing the journey of the buyer.

Along with coming up some sales support strategy for marketing through some well-regulated system.

There are two sections in the marketing funnel, and they are lead generation, and the other is lead nurturing.

Lead generation involves the creation of marketing campaigns for building awareness of the brand.

For example trade shows, content marketing, and inbound marketing, online ads, viral campaigns, whitepaper, direct email, and many more, which help in selling the brand.

On the other hand, once the prospect is ready and it helps in building the interest in this brand.

The most crucial step which must be taken is nurturing the same brand.

This is a time where a business should strive for building a thriving relationship with that prospect.

Now it’s time to introduce the opportunity with the service or product along with some tailored content for helping the purchase.

What is a Sales Funnel ?

A marketing funnel is something which helps in and focuses mainly on presenting the brand to a diverse audience.

So, the goal of the marketing funnel is to capture the prospects that can quickly get transition into actual buyers.

When this kind of candidates are identified, and when the business understands that they are developing an interest in the service and product.

Now it’s the time that they enter the sales funnel.

Now the same prospect turns into a sales prospect.

So, sales funnel is defined as a system which guides the sales prospect starting from takeover stage till the conversion stage.

This sales funnel comes at the narrowest end in the marketing funnel, which is in a cone shape.

Here you can read learn more about the sales funnels crash course.

What Is The Difference Between A Marketing Funnel & A Sales Funnel ?

The most important thing we should understand here is, there is a fine line between a sales funnel and marketing funnel.

But in most of the cases, in certain situations, they are even used interchangeably.

This is because it is a challenging job to split them up and explain.

So, understand that the main difference between sales funnel and marketing funnel can be their context of use.

But, indeed, sales and marketing functions are two distinct functions.

Each of these comes with its unique map of the journey, which helps in outlining the actual progress of the prospective customer.

Marketing is something through which it is possible to build the internet, and the funnel bottom.

Understand that sales funnel the top part.

But one must also clearly understand that entire sales funnel will be powered by the marketing activities.

Which take place and which help in generating the awareness for creating the product demand.

But in most of the business, there is some effort to merge these two functions.

That is why it is becoming a challenging task to separate them.

It becomes tough to make out some difference between marketing techniques and marketing strategies for sales support.

But there are some companies today which are putting effort to come up with few marketing strategies.

Which are custom made for every funnel, and this is helping in streamlining the operations.

Because of this, one can see a blurred line between the marketing and sales funnel.

Sales and Marketing Funnels and Communication Technology

The main goal behind which the sales and marketing funnels are created is nothing but to turn the prospective buyers into actual paying customers.

But remember this can be challenging, of course, it is easier to say but not actually to do.

But when there is the right usage of technology and tools, it becomes straightforward.

Today entrepreneurs are provided with a massive number of software for sales and marketing funnel.

These are the software which offers best and comprehensive solutions which are easily adaptable and help in achieving significant results too.

ClickFunnels: The Solution for Creating Sales & Marketing Funnels

ClickFunnels can be understood as a tool which makes the entrepreneur’s job easier when it comes to building marketing and sales funnels.

Through this, they can complete their job in minutes, and there is no need to depend on the tech team.

Let’s imagine a situation where a businessman has a new idea for a product or some service which he wants to sell.

He has the idea, he has the vision, he knows exactly what can be done, and he has a complete view of how this thing will change the world.

But he is stuck.

Because he is not a tech person, so he doesn’t know to code and creates a design.

So, he held hostage in the hands of tech people.

He should spend a lot of money on the tech team.

This is where most of the ideas of the entrepreneurs die.

So, there should be something which helps them to take power back from the tech team.

This is where ClickFunnels comes into the picture, and it helps in building as well as launching online funnels fast.

In just 10 minutes, it becomes possible for entrepreneurs to build their sales and marketing funnels through ClickFunnel.

So, let’s see how we can make use of this.

Step 1: initially user should choose which type of funnel they want to use for their business.

Here one must understand that there are three main reasons for creating a tube.

They are for generating leads, other is for making the sales, and the last one is for running some event.

In case if it is for generating leads or generating marketing funnels, there are two ways it can be done in Click Funnels.

One is through essential messenger, and other is application leads.

If it is sales funnel, then there are three ways to do this.

They are unboxing pipe, sales letter, and through launch funnel.

The last thing is running some online event.

This can be done in two ways, and they are Live webinar and automated webinar.

Irrespective of the type of funnel, all of them are easy to create.

Step 2: Now, it’s time to make some adjustments needed in the funnel. Change it the way you want like adding, removing, or through moving some pages.

Step 3: In this step, one can do some customization and through which they can change the look and feel of their pages.

Step 4: In this step, they can capture some leads if needed.

Step 5: This is where the actual products are added .

Step 6: Her, they can try to set up some split tests which help in increasing the conversations.

Step 7: Through this, it becomes possible to make the Funnel live.

There will be a go button and by clicking it funnel will be live.

This will kick start the collection of leads and sales.

Step 8: One can start tracking their stats by now.

So, these are the easy steps through which it becomes possible for entrepreneurs to create their sales and marketing funnels.

It is straightforward to use, and there are endless numbers of people who are already using this.

Entrepreneurs are allowed to sign up for ClickFunnels, and through this, they can try a FREE 14 Day Trial.

This will help them in checking ClickFunnels is useful for them or not.

The best part is there is no need to pay for updates of this software.

There will be constant updates, and new templates are added frequently.

These all are free once this is purchased.

Since this software is on the cloud, whenever there is some update, or they add some feature, the user will get those automatically in their account.

To use this tool, there is no need to install anything else.

There is no need to have an entire IT department for using this website.

User should just login here, and he should start clicking.

Through this, he will be able to build all kinds of pages in the funnel.

Next, this is about security.

Security has been considered to be the top priority here, and hence, it has been built so that the member area, subscribers, and even funnels are secured.

There is no need to worry about plugins, as well.

Next thing one may worry about is load. There is no need to worry about this, as well.

This is because it is hosted on public cloud cluster, which is most abundant in the world.

So, there is an unlimited ability actually to scale in real time.

Even if there are 100000 visitors, it will never get slow down.

When it comes to contracts, there is no headache of long-run commitments as well.

ClickFunnels can also be used for a month.

If the user likes to cancel it, he can do it anytime.

In terms of owning the content, the user is the owner of the material.

There is no permission to use the material or even to contact the users for some other reason.

So, it is basically used as a tool through which you can deliver some content.

Other best thing about ClickFunnels is that when the user cancels the account, he can still make use of the data.

This is not the case with many of the platforms we have for software as a service.

When the user cancels the account, usually the data becomes inaccessible.

But in case of ClickFunnels, there is an option that user can download CSV files.

Along with this, the account will back up everything so that the user can come back and reaccess it.

So, it is the right time to try the FREE 14-day trial.

My Conclusion Of Marketing & Sales Funnels

It is understood that sales funnel vs. marketing funnel is a complex topic which can be even discussed for the entire day.

But most important thing, that entrepreneurs, should realize here that, both marketing and sales have many things in similar.

They are very similar when we look at them in many ways.

Understand that both sales and marketing are activities which are both aimed to gear up in making money, they cost money, and they deal with psychology as well.

A marketing funnel is something which works towards advertising the product or service for helping leads in giving a reason to buy the service or product.

Whereas, in another way, the sales funnel always deals with actual points which are gained from marketing funnel, working towards making them buy.

The main difference is this not for one time but as often as possible.

This is the reason both the sales team and the marketing team should be provided with the best technology so that they are always as productive as possible.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

👨‍💻 Automated Copywriting Software Funnel Scripts from ClickFunnels

Funnel Scripts is Automated Copywriting Software which can produce lots of scripts that you can use in your offline or online business.

In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of Funnel Scripts from ClickFunnels which have the potential to reduce your workload to a great extent.

Read on to know better about it.

Products generated by Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts can generate numerous sorts of products, including the following:



▪️Content copying

▪️Email scripts

▪️Ad copy

▪️Product description

▪️Webinar scripts and slides

▪️Video sales letter scripts

▪️Call-to-action copy


▪️Sales Letters

The best part ?

All of these high-quality products can be produced by Funnel Scripts in a fraction of minute !

How amazing is that !

A functioning system of Funnel Script:

Funnel Script mainly replaces the manual writer.

So you need not hire an expensive copywriter for your agency.

This automatic software operates through an interview procedure.

All you have to do is to sit with your computer along with this interview wizard.

And start answering questions set within this software.

This process will help this active internet wizard to obtain all the data you want to exhibit in your copy.

Remember that this interview session is only a one-time procedure.

You don’t have to input data every time you require a copy.

The interview may consume from a few minutes to around one hour based on your requirement.

If you want to create an entire webinar, definitely the data inclusion will set up more questions and consequently will take up more time than generating only a headline. 

After you are satisfied with your data inclusion, hit the submit button, and within a minute, your desired copy will be ready on your screen.

Review it thoroughly.

One of the beneficial features of the Copywriting Software Funnel Scripts is that the generated script us editable and easily accessible.

Therefore you can keep your answers saved in your disk and use it according to your further requirements.

You can also edit, add or remove any phrase or paragraph as and when necessary.

Such a user-friendly interface has made Funnel Scripts popular right since its launching.

Let us clarify the system of the  Software Funnel Script a bit more with an easy example. Suppose you intend to market an online course.

All you need to answer is the questions regarding headline and content script.

You need not worry about fillers or placement of the sentences in the right manner.

The Funnel Script will take care of everything.

🚀 The Subscription of Funnel Scripts !

Funnel Scripts is sold in the market in an amazingly cheaper cost in respect to the workload that it serves.

You can easily avail such beneficial and user-friendly Software at just around $497.

And for such a cheap amount you can access all of the following benefits !

▪️Subscription of Funnel Scripts for a wholesome 12 months

▪️30 days payback assurance

▪️Ultimate Webinar Wizard to optimize your labor and effect ratio

▪️Numerous rapid Funnel Templates. You can choose the right template and design for your website page from thousands of varieties.

▪️Blueprint of the script which will show you the design of the page. You can determine which slot should be dedicated to which purpose.

▪️I have scheduled live training where you can learn from the experts more details about Funnel Scripts and derive ultimate benefit out of it.

Additionally, the inventor of Funnel Scripts Jim Edwards has recently mentioned in a public conference.

That he is continuously adding more and more scripts and products to his Funnel Scripts to provide even more facility to the consumers.

He is also updating multiple training videos and content materials specially designed for Funnel Scripts members.

Therefore the result that the members are receiving is way greater than the amount of subscription charge they have to pay.

🤔 What is the perfect time to buy Funnel Scripts ?

With the demand for Funnel Scripts in the contemporary market, the possibility of increasing its price is not a surprise.

During the time of its launch, Funnel Scripts were sold at just around $297/yr.

Therefore it’s a wise decision to buy the software while the expense is low. Don’t waste time thinking too much.

Leap up and buy it soon.

Otherwise, you may have to regret when the cost of the software amounts you a fortune!

🧐 Who should buy Funnel Scripts ? 

Investing in Funnel Scripts is always a wise decision for not only large industry owners but also for a recent startup.

Just imagine, if you don’t have to pay your hired copywriters in every month, how much bucks do you save ?

Further, if you don’t have to invest much time in copywriting.

Since the interview session is one-time process and the Automated Copywriting Software will generate hundreds of copies based your once put answers.

How much more can you focus on other aspects of your business?

🎁 You can avail a great offer with a great product !

Who does not prefer bonus offer ?

And Funnel Scripts is all about bonus because the product aims to prioritize YOU !

You can avail Funnel Builder Secrets suite along with Funnel Scripts subscription. 

And that is not the end to it !

Wait for the best to come! This buy one get one combo package provides a discount membership offer to the buyers of ClickFunnels !

Here you can be trained to create and launch an online business, attain more traffic and thereby SEO ranking, create funnels, and attain many such amazing bi-products ! 

🎁💻 Is there any Funnel Scripts free trial package?

This is a crucial question for the new members who seek to get acquainted with Funnel Scripts procedure before opting to buy it for the entire year.

Unfortunately, there is no such free trial offer for this Automated Copywriting Software.

However, worry no more !

Funnel Scripts does offer a 30-day payback guarantee.

Therefore if you ever feel disappointed in using the product and find that its expenditure is not adequate for its service.

You can revert your investment of $497/yr and request to return the product in exchange of your money.

😉 You can conceptualize Funnel Scripts for free !

See we told you Funnel Scripts is designed to provide you the optimum service benefits! And here it is again !

Though you can not avail a trial session for the entire program for free of cost.

Nevertheless Funnel Scripts surely compensates for that with an innovative deal.

If you are curious to know about the ins and outs of Funnel Script and how can a software program gulp.

In your answer and turn automatically produce such amazing consumable product.

Funnel Script is ready to satiate your curiosity.

You can certainly check out the Amazing Headline Script Generator.

And guess what! It’s all for free!

Amazing Headline Script Generator is a no strings attached Funnel Scripts generator designed for just everyone.

Edward has minutely designed it and made it free to avail by every potential user.

This shows how Funnel Scripts operates and what its enormous potential is !

This headline producer can take your input information and can generate the catchy and worthy headline to meet your purpose at no cost.

😍 10 Reasons For Why You Should Invest in the Automated Copywriting Software:

So far we have discussed almost all the aspects of Funnel Scripts but here is the most substantial one.

You may still wonder why you should invest in any Funnel Scripts which cost around $497/yr.

Not a low price really for a recent startup businessman, right ?

Now divide it by 12, and you need to pay only $41 bucks per month !

And how much do you need to pay the hired copywriter ?

Yes, now it sounds perfect, right.

If you are still not convinced, then you are at the right track.

We will guide you in this point why investing in this Funnel Scripts can be a turning point in your business (and life too ! ).

We will explain why! Keep patience and read on!

1. 🚀 Greater work efficiency 

An automatic machine surely works better and faster than a manual copywriter.

You need not worry about silly mistakes because it’s entirely automated.

Further, you will generate answers based on your inputs.

So it will be absolutely as you want it to be.

2.🚀 Customizable

 This feature of Funnel Scripts enhances its popularity.

The scripts are easily editable. So you can effectually review and edit and customize the page as you wish.

3. 🚀Reduce Work pressure 

You don’t have to spend hours after a copywriting. It can generate copies within a minute.

4. 🚀Generate catchy product to attract your customers

The right placement of the content automatically draws the attention of the viewers.

Depending on your customizing skill you can easily beautify the Funnel Scripts written copy in no time.

5. 🚀Time management

In today’s rush hour none have much time to deal with a single issue.

Now you can easily keep pace with today’s fast-moving world by using the copywriting software.

6. 🚀Single input, multiple results 

You need to input data only once by clicking your desirable answers to the questions set by the software.

Depending on this information, Funnel Scripts can generate multiple results as and when you require them.

7. 🚀Focus and improve other fields 

A business is not about only copywriting.

You need to focus on multiple other issues.

While as a startup, you may need to handle everything single-handed, as a large industry owner, you have to guide and deal with all of your subordinates.

In any case, Funnel Scripts is the most effective.

Because it will allow you to deal with other preoccupations while the software automatically generates your copies.

8.🚀 One time investment 

While you need to pay a hired copywriter every month, here you need to invest once in a year and enjoy effective copywriting throughout the entire year.

9. 🚀30-day payback assurance 

If in any case, you are not satisfied with the product and its service, you can resume.

Your product will be returned to the company without any mess, and you will receive your payback within a few days.

So you have nothing to lose in any way !

This product covers you in every possible manner !

10. 🚀Spend quality time with friends and family 

If your family is disappointed because of your constant preoccupation with your business, Funnel Scripts is here to give you relief !

It will accomplish your task in no time, and you can cherish your value moments with friends and family.

🧐 The Credibility of Funnel Scripts !

If you want to learn more about Funnel Scripts, you should attend the Funnel Scripts product demo webinar.

And the managing committee including creator Jim Edwards, CEO of ClickFunnels Russel Brunson.

Along with online entrepreneur Liz Benny will be there to answer all of your queries.

Such a gesture of allowing the general mass to learn about the nooks and crannies of Funnel Script through a highly informative yet free authentic.

Video lecture session speaks loud of the credulity of this Automated Copywriting Software.

Funnel Scripts does not have anything to hide from the consumers.

They are open about their service and so should you be !

Give it a chance, and you will never return empty-handed.

Funnel Scripts from ClickFunnels seeks to cater the all these services to you, why should you reject it !

Register today to get Funnel Scripts at a lower price, and you will never have to look back !

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

The Best ClickBank Builder Alternative !

Earning commissions and getting paid for affiliate marketing or in general via online marketing is one of the best.

Means of authentically making money where one can make a profit of more than 100$ in a single day if they are very good at it.

Even the beginners who do not have enough knowledge on affiliate marketing.

But would like to give it a try can profit from the same provided they have the right guide, and in this case.

It is the ClickBank Builder Alternative which is the Sales Funnel Software where Clickfunnels is the best software.

Since the inception of internet marketing or online marketing, affiliate marketing, which is seen as the means of making money online gradually garnered popularity.

And, over the years many have succeeded in carving a niche for themselves as widely recognized affiliate marketers or in a broader sense as online marketers.

This is also because the greatest number of sales today are made online rather than the traditional marketing method and the brick an mortar marketing means.

Due to this rising popularity, many platforms cam with different software that would help the users in making the most of affiliate marketing to earn commissions.

One such software is the ClickBank Builder, which was made use of by those who wanted to earn money through online marketing.

But as it became a common means and with the rise of competition, the need of the hour is a software better than as an alternative to ClickBank Builder.

It is the Sales Funnel Software, which is easy to learn and use ClickBank Builder Alternative to get paid for affiliate marketing.

Although there is other Sales Funnel software also known as a revenue funnel as it concerns the sales process and thus closely related to making money via affiliate marketing.

the Sales Funnel software is the one that gives you a huge scope of earning money online.

As a ClickBank Builder Alternative, the Sales Funnel Software like Clickfunnels is with you throughout the entire process, right from understanding to conversion.

It helps you understand the framework, which will further aid you in analyzing how to make money by selecting the right kind of product, service, or information for online marketing.

What is a Sales Funnel Software ?

Sales Funnel Software like Clickfunnels is the best ClickBank Builder Alternative that will help you earn commission via affiliate marketing.

It is an automated funnel used in marketing as a vital tool for making sales.

In a nutshell, it works as a ‘funnel’ implying that it funnels leads through the sales via affiliate marketing where it converts.

And thus you are paid when the visitor buys the product or service you have presented.

A sales funnel generally depicts the journey of your potential leads through the process of sales where the final stage is where they make the purchase.

And, as it is a fact that more sales are made online and for you to make successful sales for earning money, you will need to create the best sales funnel, which is effective.

This is easily done when you have the Sales Funnel Software.

As otherwise, creating a sales funnel is a tedious and time-consuming process.

Typically, designing an effective sales funnel includes heavy research and investment of a lot of money to derive an effective sales funnel.

The Sales Funnel Software, particularly, the Clickfunnels an alternative to ClickBank Builder simplifies this entire process.

And provides you with an effective sales funnel in minutes to help you earn money online.

And, as sales funnels are effective especially for making money via online marketing.

It is imperative to get the Sales Funnel Software where your best option is the Clickfunnels software.

Which is in my view definately the better ClickBank Builder Alternative.

What makes Clickfunnels the better Sales Funnel Software?

Here is what makes Clickfunnels the best when compared to the other Sales Funnel software.

One of the primary advantages of Clickfunnels is that you can make easy edits as it is a very userfriendly software.

You can reap the benefits of hassle-free modifications if any or easy editing with just a few clicks of the buttons.

This also makes Clickfunnels a great Sales funnel software for not only building your online business but also for growing it to greater heights.

Developing sales funnels with ease is yet another advantage of Clickfunnels.

Where you can easily access the complete protocol for creating effective sales funnels that convert.

Whether you require a landing page or need to enhance your sales, Clickfunnels is the ideal solution for them all.

Moreover, it also saves your time as you do not have to develop sales funnel from scratch.

While it also helps you in maintaining and revising your sales funnel for better results.

ClickFunnel is an SSL certified Sales Funnel Software which makes it the best ClickBank Builder Alternative.

This is a major advantage.

You can also find a plethora of professionally designed templates to enhance the appearance.

As it matters in enhancing the conversion rates by attracting your target audience by building attractive landing pages.

14-Day Free trial to make the most of the Clickfunnels Software.

The truth that Clickfunnels is the best Sales Funnel Software as a ClickBank Builder Alternative is further attested via the fact that it offers free training.

Through the free webinars and videos that will help you master the software and make use of it to gain good sales and results.

Moreover, if you are skeptical or uncertain about investing in the software, you can opt for the 14-days free trial of Clickfunnels.

In this timeframe, you can make the most of this software.

wWhere you can explore its other features like Analytics, Campaign Reviews, Evaluating the performance of the Funnel.

And getting the results on conversions to name a few.

You can also get the Clickfunnels software for 30-days when you opt for the ‘One Funnel Away Challenge‘.

Where it is believed that the subscribers earn more than $100 daily as it introduces them to the ins and outs of earning money online.

The One-Funnel Away Challenge by Clickfunnels is created by Russell Brunson; a sales funnel expert and also the founder of Clickfunnels.

Which is the best Sales Funnel software, a ClickBank Builder Alternative.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a video training series for a period of 30-days to train marketers in developing sales funnels.

Over thirty days, the video guides are released daily alongside free audio clips and guidebooks.

You also get a workbook  to start your online business or to better it for increasing your conversions.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

🚀 The Sales Copywriting Software For Online Businesses !

Funnel Scripts is one among the very popular software which is designed for providing webinar slides, sales letters, onboarding sequences, sales copy.

And even marketing emails and much more than these.

There are many people who can get benefited from Funnel Scripts.

Along with that, let’s understand who cannot get benefited from Funnel Scripts.

👨‍💻 The Advantages of Funnel Scripts For Marketing:

Overview of Funnel Scripts

Just think of Funnel Scripts as an app which helps in writing different kinds of sales scripts which are very helpful for business.

There are many businesses which have awesome and very helpful services which are ready to sell but they are not sure about how can they write the actual sales copy.

If you are also one among them, it is better to go with Funnel Scripts.

This is the coolest software available on earth and businesses can play around with this.

Still, if you have not understood and thinking that what is the value which Funnel Scripts can bring ?

Let’s go in details.

Let’s understand it like this.

Today it is not difficult to find cool ways of selling the products.

We can think of many ways to do this.

So, we have given tremendous ways to pitch our services.

There is no worry regarding this like earlier days.

Businesses can go and create their sales pages, they can easily list their products in varieties of marketplaces.

Along with these they even make use of best sales letters which are distributed all over their websites.

More than this, businesses can also think of social media profiles for showcasing their products, make use of best email newsletters.

And last but not the least, they can sell them in their blogs as well.

There is one problem which most of the business face even though they are provided with these many technologies.

So, they are not able to take full advantage of these.

All these technologies always demand the best sales copy be generated by the business.

So, now it is the time to understand what is Funnel Scripts.

Yes, Funnel Scripts is all about what we look for in this situation.

Majority of the businesses worry about one thing, that they cannot create or produce magic words which help them in selling their services as well as products.

Funnel Scripts come here to make their job easier than before.

🧐 Funnel Scripts in Detail:

Let’s understand what this Funnel script is. This is nothing but a massive or big bundle of the templates which are ready to plug and play.

The business which comes to use this should be ready to answer a few questions.

There will be few blanks which must be filled in, then Funnel Scripts can help you with writing the sales copy for your business.

Since it is the best Sales copywriting Software in my view we have today.

So, this really helpful for businesses which are highly frustrated and are not sure about writing their sales copies which help in selling their products.

These businesses must go and check Funnel Scripts which can be a really cool solution for them.

💸 The Price Of Funnel Scripts:

Usually, Funnel Scripts costs around $797 for a unlimited time. 

Along with the access to software, there will also be access to a set of goodies which are a bonus.

This also includes Perfect Webinar Wizard, Solution Wizard, the Story, Funnel Scripts Blueprints, and even 5 Fats Funnel Templates as well.

So, understand you own a business which sells services and products, but always you go blank when you sit with paper and pen ?

Then think of trying Funnel Scripts.

This can be really a powerful tool for your business.

💻 Features of Funnel Scripts- A closer look

The first and best feature which we have to mention about Funnel Scripts is that it is very simple to use. 

So, this can easily satisfy frustrated business people to get their sales pages done easily.

Yes. It is super easy for using.

As said earlier, they should answer a few questions and then there will be some blanks to fill in.

Just by doing this, the Funnel Scripts will offer sales copy which narrates the story you are expecting.

These sales pages will definitely help in promoting the services and products and there will definitely some call to action through which you can easily get benefited.

Funnel Scripts comes with a lot of, all kinds of sales copy scripts through which it helps business offering sales pages.

Some of the scripts may be headline generators, e-commerce scripts, Amazon scripts, webinar scripts, onboarding scripts, and some may be email automation scripts.

Along with this, one can also find original story scripts, case study scripts, special offer scripts, curiosity scripts, testimonial scripts, and even about me page related scripts.

Along with these Funnel Scripts may also offer tons of other scripts which are really useful.

So, understand that Funnel Scripts offers tons of templates for sales letters which can be used with ease.

One best feature is this is the software which is designed in a way that it is relatively evergreen.

It means, irrespective of business selling a service, an online course.

Or it can be some offer related to affiliate marketing Funnel Scripts can promise that it helps all of these.

It can write best copywriting so that the business will be able to endeavour in sharing their sales message or their story in the place they want.

⌨️✍️ Funnel Scripts and Value Rating

Funnel Scripts always seems valuable when there is something in the business which can be sold and business is not ready to write the sales copy.

Another situation where it can be very useful is if the business frequently writes or in case outsources different kinds of sales scripts.

One must understand that it can be challenging to hire a copywriter and it is costly as well in today’s market.

So, think of Funnel Scripts as the smart and best alternative in the business.

Before deciding on the Funnel Scripts, always ask yourself a question.

Are you in a situation where you have best and valuable products.

But you are struggling continuously when it comes to writing the sales letters, upsell sequence, and even email scripts ?

Understand that there have been countless hours which have wasted in trying to write the sales letters on your own.

Even after wasting this time, in most cases, you have ended up in drawing nothing but a blank.

If this is the situation, Funnel Scripts is definitely, undoubtedly valuable.

More than this, when we think of modern entrepreneurs this is the powerful and smart choice they make.

Other case is you are already a good and confident copywriter.

Even though you are good at this, Funnel Scripts can be useful for you.

So, use Funnel Scripts as a cool and fun brainstorming tool.

Try better and different versions when it comes to sales copy by using this Funnel Scripts.

Finally, compare the versions you have and choose the better one.

So, even though you write your own copy of sales letters, you can compare the one which Funnel Scripts has given you and then decide the best one.

You can also check which is yielding better results and then you can choose the best sales copy.

One must understand that there are over tons of templates that come with Funnel Scripts.

So, understand that there will be one which suits you.

This is the best tool for people who consider themselves as marketing nerds.

🙆‍♀️⛱️ Funnel Scripts and Your Selection

In case imagine that there is nothing to sell in the business.

So, if there is no need to sell any of the products, then Funnel Scripts is not the best choice.

Other case is if the person is a somewhat copywriting wizard and he is able to write sales letters in just 5 minutes.

Then also there is no need for Funnel Scripts.

If the business already has email marketing copy, webinar scripts, sales letters, and all other copywriting scripts needed.

And the business is already doing well with all these and they are satisfied, then Funnel Scripts is not needed.

💡🤔💭 For whom is Funnel Scripts Best Suitable ?

In case if the business has the best products which are ready to sell, but when it comes to writing copy there exists super frustration, then choose Funnel Scripts.

In this case, it can be fun and joy to use it.

Other situation can be if there is sales copy mean for the business.

But the business is looking for some variations in it and really want to experiment with it, Funnel Script is the best choice.

Even though this is not the case, it is a very interesting tool which every business should try.

In case if the business has hatred towards selling, and they are satisfied even if the existing sales copy gets copywriting.

Then also Funnel Scripts is the tool which must be chosen.

😍👍 Final Thoughts About The Sales Copywriting Software: Funnel Scripts !

Most of the experts love this idea which is behind Funnel Scripts.

This is because it has the power and capability to make the entrepreneurs life much better and easier.

Funnel Scripts is being used by many businesses and entrepreneurs today and they are getting benefited from it.

There will be many things to worry about for an entrepreneur.

Some of them can be product analysis, product development, product research, and even customer support.

These are additional to the creation of the product which the business is offering.

So, he must be smart enough to shorten the long story.

So, even if he works for the entire day, there will be something which is left over to do.

So, at times days and work can be super frustrating.

So, in business, it becomes challenging to manage time and work.

This is the main reason people started linking Funnel Scripts because it is possible to use it as best and smart hack which helps the entrepreneur.

In these modern days, entrepreneurs are short of time and so they must focus on something which can yield the best results.

They should always focus on creating something attractive about the business and share it in the right way to attract the world.

Everybody must agree that time is precious and it is a valuable asset even for businesses today.

Tools like Funnel Scripts can help in saving a lot of time for businesses.

Through filling out some blanks and by answering a few questions, Funnel Scripts will be able to offer you with much of the copywriting and sales letters.

So, it can be understood that Funnel Scripts is the best and practical solution for the business and hence it is becoming the practical investment.

Funnel Scripts can be really powerful for the business and its products and services as well in selling them.

If there is still question or doubt about trying Funnel Scripts as these yourself.

Have you ever spend a lot of time writing the sales page and ended up with nothing for the products or for your services ?

Have you felt super frustrated and annoyed when it comes to writing sales letters ?

Marketing emails ?

Webinar scripts ?

Even if this is not the case, you are just looking for some smart software which can help you in writing sales copy for your business.

Then you should try Funnel scripts.

Believe one thing that whatever is the situation, it is worth investing in such smart software.

So, try registering for the Funnel Scripts training event as well.

Through this, you can understand this software which is meant for copywriting in action.

In case if you think this is cool and suitable for your business, then you can definitely try it and be ready to experience the fun with it.

Funnel Script can be the right choice if the business is operating in the online market.

And there is a need to write a lot of webinar scripts, emails, opt-in pages, or any other advertisement copies.

In this kind of business and situation, Funnel Script can be really useful.

It helps in saving a lot of time along with of-of effort.

Through this, a business can save a lot of money as well and they will be able to release new items faster than earlier with more efficiency.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

The Best Sales Funnel Crash Course I Have Taken In 2019 !

You would like to learn a lot about sales funnel and how you can create them ?

Then you found the right article because in here I am going to present you the sales funnel crash course from ClickFunnels.

Also known as the One Funnel Away Challenge.

This Sales Funnel Crash Course is by far the best one I’ve ever took and has taught me a ton about sales funnel marketing.

And how I can create a sales funnel specifically for my business on my own in just 30 days.

Plus the price quality ratio is absolutely insane with a price of just $100.

To make things clear ClickFunnels offers their sales funnel crash course at such a low price.

Because if you make money with your funnel and you are happy then you’ll be using their software to build your funnels.

So it’s the perfect win win situation.

The Guarantee Of The One Funnel Away Challenge !

And ClickFunnels even guarantees that if you participate in the challenge, show up to the daily live calls and implement what you learn.

So by the time the challenge is done.

You will have a complete funnel and a solid understanding of the core fundamentals of direct response marketing and funnel building.

If for some reason you think this isn’t the case then you can send back your challenge kit within 30 days.

From the day it arrives at your house and receive a full refund of $100.

What is included in the Sales Funnel Crash Course of ClickFunnels ?

👨‍💻 💻 You get 30 Days of Video Missions from Russell Brunson.

👨‍💻 💻 30 Days of Coaching from Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian.

🎁 The One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit (with the 30 Day Plan)

📗 A Physical Copy of the Challenge Workbook

🎧 MP3 Player with over 40 hours of funnel building content from Russell Brunson

📚The “30 Days” Hardcover Book

🎓 Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews

🎓 Access to Behind the Scenes-Two Comma Club Interviews

Your Coaches For The Next 30 Days !

Your coaches for the 30 days are Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen.

Russell Brunson is the Strategist.

Russell Brunson teaches you the solid groundwork so you have an understanding of the “bigger picture”.

 And for what you are doing the work and why.

Julie Stoian is the Transformer.

She helps you at taking your abstract vision of your funnel and turning it into an actual funnel which is up, live and running.

Stephen Larsen is the Executioner.

He is your supportive (but no-excuses) accountability partner who ensures that you make every daily task.

On top of that coaches Stephen you in daily LIVE Group Calls.

This is where you can get your questions answered if you need extra help on completing your daily tasks.

But this sales funnel crash course is not for everyone.

If watch every video coaching but never actually take specific action.

That’s entirely up to you, but chances are that nothing really is going to change in your business.

But if you are willing to roll up your sleeves for 30 days and do just a little bit of work …

If you want to be trained daily by Russell Brunson and have him pull you in the right direction …

If you need a good hard push from a coach who will hold you accountable and make sure that you get these daily tasks done …

Then I invite you to accept the One Funnel Away Challenge !

Here You Can Learn More About The Enterprise Sales Funnel !

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

👨‍💻 Everything About The Enterprise Sales Funnel !

Welcome to this article about the enterprise sales funnel.

Every enterprise needs nowadays a sales funnel to scale their business.

Oftentimes entrepreneurs have to spend a lot of money for graphic designers, programmers, copywriters to create a customized sales funnel specifically for their business.

These high costs prevents many entrepreneurs from leveraging the power of sales funnels to scale their business.

Fortunately there’s a sales funnel software called ClickFunnels.

This sales funnel software enables entrepreneurs like you and me to build sales funnels for an affordable price.

Plus you can as well manage your E-Mail Marketing & your Affiliate Marketing with ClickFunnels.

The basic version of ClickFunnels for $97 gives you access to the sales funnel builder & a ton of templates designed for almost any business.

For $297 you get access to the “Etison Suite” extension.

With that one you are able to make your E-Mail Marketing & your Affiliate Marketing as well.

What I really appreciate is that ClickFunnels offers a 14 Day Free Trial.

So you can test every feature of ClickFunnels and see whether it’s a good fit for you & your business without paying money upfront.

Furthermore has ClickFunnels created a specific training which teaches entrepreneurs how they can build their first (or next) Funnel in the next 30 Days.

The One Funnel Away Challenge

This training is called the “One Funnel Away Challenge”.

Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen are teaching you the exact steps.

And give you daily tasks to complete, so that at the end of the 30 days you have your Funnel up and running.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is an one time investment of $100.

You receive 30 Days of Daily Video Missions from Russell Brunson.

30 Days of Daily Video Coaching From Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian.

On top of that you receive the One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit.

There’s included a Physical Copy Of The Challenge Workbook.

An MP3 Player with over 40 hours of Funnel Builder Content From Russell Brunson.

The “30 Days” Hardcover Book.

Furthermore you receive Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews.

And Behind The Scenes-Two Comma Club Interviews.

Russell Brunson will train you with new videos created and structured for this specific challenge.

Therefore he teaches you the strategy behind certain types of funnels.

So you can master the solid groundwork and the core fundamentals and strategy behind your specific 30 day plan.

On top of that helps Russell you understanding the “bigger picture” of what you are doing over the 30 days and why.

Julie Stoian walks you through the process and the “how to” of turning your abstract vision of your funnel into an actual funnel which is up, live and running.

Julie is a master at transforming business ideas from the initial “vision” phase, to reality.

Stephen Larsen coaches you daily on LIVE Group Calls !

He answers your questions when you need extra help on completing your daily tasks.

Consider Stephen as  your supportive but no-excuses accountability partner !

Unlike most of the online trainings out there.

Combines the One Funnel Away Challenge the right marketing KNOWLEDGE …

With the SHOVE you need to EXECUTE your Funnel …

And a “no-excuses” ACCOUNTABILITY coach who won’t let you of the hook …

It’s almost never a lack of knowledge …

It’s a lack of Execution !

(or not executing the right way)

Offers ClickFunnels A Guarantee ?

Yes ! 🙂

ClickFunnels guarantees that if you participate in the challenge, show up to the daily live calls, implement what you learn.

And by the time the challenge is done you will have solid understanding of the core fundamentals of direct response marketing and funnel building.

If for some reason you don’t like the One Funnel Away Challenge you can send back your challenge kit within 30 days from the day it arrives at your house.

And receive a full refund of $100.

Here you can join the One Funnel Away Challenge. 

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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👨‍💻 What Is A Sales Funnel Approach ?

Welcome to this article about the Approach of Sales Funnels.

You learn exactly in this article what a sales approach is.

And how you can create a sales funnel for your business.

So first of all What is a Sales Funnel Approach ?

The sales funnel approach is always individual & customized to the business.

For example for a coaching business it can be better to use Auto Webinar Funnels to offer the attendees a free coaching session.

Than using only an Optin-Funnel which only collects the E-Mail Adress of the potential customer.

The benefit of a Auto Webinar Funnel for coaching businesses is that it helps building a personal relationship between the potential customer and the coach.

Thus the potential customer feels more connected to the coach which is extremely important for business.

Since people are buying from people.

A very good example for this is Sam Ovens.

He pays for Youtube & Facebook Ads and then builds up curiosity in the ad.

After that he sends the interested visitor to his Webinar where he establishes a personal relationship.

Subsequently the potential customer has the option to enroll into Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator and other training programs.

A normal Sales Funnel on the other hand works differently.

Here the sales funnel collects the email address of the customer and then sends him oftentimes directly to the sales page.

There a video and copy converts the visitor to a customer.

I assume you have a business or you consider starting one since you wouldn’t google “What is a sales funnel approach ?”.

For creating a sales funnel for your business you need a sales funnel software.

And you have to learn how to create a sales funnels specifically to your business type.

👩‍🏫 How do you learn the skill of Funnel Building the best way ?

Fortunately ClickFunnels has recently launched the One Funnel Away Challenge.

There you learn directly from Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen how to build a Funnel customized to your business needs in 30 days.

Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen are absolute Funnel Experts on their fields.

Russell Brunson is the Strategist.

He trains you with new and structured videos every day of the challenge.

There he teaches you the fundamentals of funnel building and strategy behind your 30 day plan.

So you have a solid groundwork for your funnel.

Julie Stoian is the Transformer.

She helps you walk through the process and the how to of turning your abstract Funnel plan into an actual up and running funnel.

Stephen Larsen is the Executioner.

Stephen coaches you daily on LIVE Coaching Group Calls.

There you get your questions answered if you need extra help on completing your daily tasks.

If you decide to join the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Here is your mission.

Your Challenge is to TAKE ACTION and COMPLETE the TASKS given to you every day for 30 days.

I personally have taken the One Funnel Away Challenge and I can say that it’s totally different from a ton of online courses out there.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is not just some course that you’ll never use …

It combines the right marketing KNOWLEDGE …

With the Shove you need to EXECUTE your Funnel …

And a “no-excuses” ACCOUNTABILITY coach who won’t let you of the hook …

That’s the biggest challenge in getting your first or next funnel started …

It’s almost NEVER a lack of knowledge that’s the problem …

It’s A Lack Of EXECUTION (or not executing the right way).

The One Funnel Away Challenge has a price of $100.

You receive 30 Days of Video Missions from Russell Brunson.

30 Days Of Coaching from Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian. 

The One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit.

The Physical Copy of the Challenge Workbook.

The “One Funnel Away” MP3 Player with over 40 hours of Funnel Building content from Russell Brunson.

My favorite: the 30 Hardcover Book also called “30 Days”.

Unlimited Access to the 30 Days Interviews of the Two Comma Club Members.

Access to the Behind-the-Scenes Two Comma Club Interviews.

If you are willing to put in the work and to do every daily task for 30 days to create a funnel customized specifically to your business.

Then you can join the One Funnel Away Challenge Here.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

⚔️ ClickFunnels vs Convertri
👨‍💻 The In-Depth Comparison !

If you have ever been in the position where you had to create some sort of funnel landing page for your business.

Then you have probably experienced how frustrating it can be trying to get the software to meet the certain commands.

That are needed in order for the funnel features to work properly.

At this moment we will further discuss two of the different types of funnel software programs that have similar features.

But also have some differences that would cause you to most likely choose one over the other.

These two funnel builders are ClickFunnels and Convertri.

It is not necessary to be a tech savvy to use either one of these funnel builders, and this is especially true when using ClickFunnels.

While there are plenty of tutorials out there that can help you with using ClickFunnels.

If you are already familiar with using a funnel builder then you will most likely be able to figure out how it works on your own.

The Features Of ClickFunnels:

There are so many different features available for ClickFunnels.

And there are also plenty of bug fixes and updates that come out for the software to ensure that it is operating smoothly for those who are using it.

There is no doubt at all that ClickFunnels is an excellent alternative to Convertri.

This is being said for those of you who are currently using Convertri, and have never given ClickFunnels a shot.

ClickFunnels vs Convertri – What Makes ClickFunnels Better:

For one thing, when using Convertri there is a common issue that user have experienced with the submit button being moved to a different place on your web page.

It has been said to be a bit difficult trying to figure out how to change the elements to be able to do so.

Users have reported that with ClickFunnels it only takes a few seconds to find a feature and change it or use it, but with Convertri, it can take several minutes.

ClickFunnels allow you to be able to easily drag and move something to where you want it.

It’s completely and totally frustration-free.

Easily recreate your Convertri pages to ClickFunnels

So if you’re already thinking about possibly making the switch from Controvertri to ClickFunnels, it’s not something that is at all difficult to do.

ClickFunnels creators have made it quite simple for you to make the switch without a hassle at all.

All you would need to do in this case is make use of the Page Importer to re-direct your current page that is on Convertri, to ClickFunnels and then click on “Go.”

After you have your information for your website converted from Convertri to ClickFunnels.

You’ll be able to fully use the new software with features that are much straighter to the point.

Don’t be discouraged that your old web funnel information from Convertri won’t work with ClickFunnels, because it most definitely will.

With ClickFunnels, you’ll be able to create funnels for your clients, and for yourself in just minutes.

New Features Incorporated by the ClickFunnels Editor


With the click of your mouse you will have the ability to select any element of your page.

Then you’d hold down your Shift Key, and drag the desired element where ever you want it on your page.

The entire lot can actually be moved with this feature alone.


To clone any item within the software all you need to do is hold the Alt Key down and drag the element where ever you want it.

Cloning isn’t something that is designated to single elements, you can also move whole sections when using this option.


In ClickFunnels you have the option to undo a certain action.

The task that you want to undo in ClickFunnels will not remove all of your elements like Concertri does;

Making it a hassle to fix these actions and then starting all over again.

You can specifically select what you don’t want and then move forward with working on your page.

The Ease of Re-creating your Page in Convertri

Even if you care recreating your pages manually, putting them into ClickFunnels from Convertri, it’s easy and doesn’t take a very long time at all.

The shift drag option makes it so much easier and depending on how much you have on your pages, it can take you just under an hour to complete.

While the import page cuts the time in half, you can still do this manually without it taking a long time.

However, paying the monthly fee for the Page Importer feature is worth it if you plan on using the funnel feature on a regular basis.

ClickFunnels – Super Fast Loading Times

One of the main benefits of ClickFunnels is the fact that its load times are cut in half compared to Convertri; many users really like this feature.

This certainly doesn’t mean that Convertri is extra slow, but when it comes to comparisons, ClickFunnels definitely comes out on top.

You definitely want the page loading times to be as fast as possible when it comes to loading, because your search engine rankings depend on it.

According to kiss metrics, if your site loads slowly, 40% of traffic that visits will leave and never return.

Convertri’s Visitor Shortage

In recent months, Convertri has had a decrease in the amount of visitors between the link being clicked on and the person actually reaching the appropriate page.

So if you are losing 40 out of 100 visitors that come to your page, that’s a good chunk of potential money being lost.

You can even count on ClickFunnels running very fast on your mobile devices.

This is a plus because there are so many more people using mobile than ever before these days.

🚀 ClickFunnels Is the Better Choice !

After all is said and done, ClickFunnels has more beneficial, business savvy perks.

With that being said, you should consider starting the One Funnel Away Challenge or the 14 Day Free Trial of ClickFunnels.

Just to see for yourself just how good this software actually works.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

👨‍💻 Why Your Business Needs ClickFunnels:

If you have ever thought about ways to increase sales or conversions for an online business or site, you have been wondering about sales funnels. 

Sales funnels are platforms that allow the process of converting your content into sales to be effective.

One popular way of approaching this process is through click funneling, which is a term coined by the company ClickFunnels.

Successful writer and businessman Russell Brunson first founded ClickFunnels – an online revenue funnel – in 2014.

His achievements helped ClickFunnels become well-known quickly because customers find it easier to rely on a service led by an influential person.

This is why ClickFunnels is a good option as a sales funnel for any type of business.

As it incorporates the successful business principles that Russell promotes in his own endeavors.

For anyone who is unsure about the approach to take for their business’s growth, ClickFunnels is an ideal platform that will provide you successful strategies.

Now, you don’t have to research these strategies individually as the platform incorporates them in the form of features.

What Is Click Funneling ?

Click funneling refers to the specific approach that ClickFunnels takes to ensure you successfully establish constant online sales.

It helps establish a website and online sales service for your business.

It also has features integrated into the platform for every need of your online business.

Including multiple forms of promotion of your business such as video marketing and email subscriber lists.

And all the other features you need to turn your website viewers into customers.

Boosting site traffic so that it can be converted into sales for a business may seem like a complicated task.

But click funneling removes the need for any specialized programming knowledge.

ClickFunnels guides you on every step of the journey by providing templates that can easily be implemented on your business page.

Therefore, it makes creating and publishing your business site straightforward and quick.

ClickFunnels allows you to use an easy drag-and-drop system to create a landing page as well as the sales elements within it that help sustain your incoming traffic.

Using a sales funnel and specifically click funneling can help any business achieve its goals.

All kind of convertibles such as email subscribers or view counts can be tracked and improved on a sales funnel.

This is why it drastically increases the ease with which you can conduct online business.

Most technicalities such as domain names and site setup are all handled by the platform and very easy to learn.

Hence, using a sales funnel equips you with all the necessary tools that are otherwise a barrier between you and the business goals you have set out for yourself.

Think of it this way: a potential customer becomes aware of your business and is now on the widest end of the “funnel.”

How can you entice this potential customer to become an actual customer ?

This is the question that ClickFunnels can answer for you.

It helps you design your business in a way that it moves this person along the funnel to the far end where they are closer to making a purchase.

And, therefore, to creating income for you !

The Features of ClickFunnels:

In order to understand why ClickFunnels might be a good option for you, it is important to discuss the specific features that it offers that can help your business.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of ClickFunnels’ many important services which allows you to understand the nature of your audience.

It runs statistical tests that show you which section of your audience is more receptive to your content.

The platform includes A/B testing along with other analytics so that you don’t need to do any separate data analysis for your business.

These results can be used to make changes in your sales strategy to boost your business.

Landing Page

ClickFunnels also allows you to build a landing page.

The platform does not demand any prior knowledge on how to build sites from scratch as when you use ClickFunnels, creating a landing page is effortless.

The platform offers many existing website templates that can be used successfully.

You can make basic changes to these templates according to the requirements of your business.

Alternatively, you can create a landing page that is highly tailored for your needs with a simple drag-and-drop method.

The platform also has synchronized editing in real time so that you don’t lose time and transactions while your pages are down for edits.

Squeeze Page

You can also create squeeze pages to improve traffic retention through ClickFunnels.

As the platform focuses on improving traffic to your site and your income, it lets you build these pages as easily as landing pages.

However, that is not all as ClickFunnels also allows you to incorporate one-click upsells, membership areas and all other features demanded from such a platform.


ClickFunnels will also take care of SEO and other online sales strategies.

The sales and online marketing side is handled for you so that you can focus on the goals of your business and its growth.


ClickFunnels has two types of subscriptions: Startup and Etison Suite.

Hence, there are options for all types of businesses.

Moreover, the subscription service of ClickFunnels offers monthly and yearly options.

With two pricng models for $97 monthly & $297 monthly.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee offered to users who want to cancel their subscriptions.

Why You Should Use ClickFunnels ?

ClickFunnels intends to help all types of entrepreneurs make their businesses succeed.

If you wish to start an online business and see it grow but don’t know where to start.

ClickFunnels is perfect for you. It includes the website and all associated features, so all you have to focus on is your audience and content.

You do not need any specific set of skill; as long as you have an idea or a product you want to promote, you can monetize your ideas through ClickFunnels.

The cost of any service, especially for startups, is a major consideration and often a hindrance in choosing what to invest in.

As a result, you may doubt why ClickFunnels will be a worthwhile investment.

However, if you wish to seriously pursue your goals of having a successful business, you will have to accept that some costs will have to be incurred.

In that line of thought, the amount required for a startup subscription on ClickFunnels starts to appear manageable.

It is also important to note that in the long run, it will cost a lot less if your business is already based on a stable sales funnel.

It will also be easier to expand on a platform that is popular enough that many people know how to operate.

Also, when comparing ClickFunnels to other sales funnel alternatives, the reason the price is relatively higher.

Than rival sites is that ClickFunnels offers free training as well as an incredibly easy-to-use platform that is simple to master.

It will make it easy for you to convert any outstanding idea into a dream company.

It will also help you sustain your viewers to turn them into loyal customers.

Having a good idea or product to sell is not enough in today’s competitive market.

In order to truly stand out, you need to have a good understanding of the workings of sales and successful businesses.

This is why click funneling can help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams, one step at a time.

My Conclusion Of ClickFunnels:

On the whole, ClickFunnels is a well-established platform that can cater to all your business’s needs.

Its tools are easy to master so that you don’t have to worry about learning any programming or business skills beforehand.

You will get great customer support as well so that you are not alone in your journey.

It is hassle-free to find people who know how to work on this popular and established platform.

So if you are looking to expand in the future, this is a safe route to take.

If you still have reservations about ClickFunnels being the right choice for you, you can take advantage of its 14 Day Free Trial.

You should sign up for the trial and give the platform a fair chance to persuade you of its qualities.

To increase your chances of success in whatever field you choose, it is best to understand the internal workings of the services you rely on.

Other than just using a sales funnel.

You should familiarize yourself with fundamental ideas of revenue funnels and concepts of boosting sales online to make the most of the software.

Understanding why a sales funnel gives your business a boost will help you focus on only the aspects that are fruitful.

The One Funnel Away Challenge and Funnel Builder Secrets are two courses that can help you use ClickFunnels.

They can assist you in how to get the most out of the platform as well as understand the foundational ideas of sales and marketing that the service is based on.

With this foundational knowledge and the 14-day trial, you can improve your chances of succeeding drastically.

By trusting the methods of business experts, you too can turn your idea into the business of your dreams.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

Outreach Marketing Ideas for Apartment Communities !

So you are searching for Outreach Marketing Ideas for Apartment Communities.

In this article I will introduce you some creative outreach marketing ideas to find new renter for your apartments.

Therefore I we will create a sales funnel which will get you credible renters for your apartment community.

The perfect software therefore is ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels has a free 14 Day Trial you can choose to create your first sales funnel and to get your first interested renters.

If you would like to learn how you can create an sales funnel to get interested renters for your apartments.

Then you the One Funnel Away Challenge from Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen might be perfect for you.

In the One Funnel Away Challenge you learn everything about Funnels.

And Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen are showing you step by step how to build a funnel completely customized to your business from scratch in 30 days.

Beyond that delivers ClickFunnels the One Funnel Away Kit to your home.

This is a box which includes the 550 pages “30 Days” book.

There the Two Comma Club Winners (these are people who have generated more than $1,000,000 during 12 months with One Funnel in ClickFunnels).

Have written down what they would do if they had to start from zero again.

And all they would have would be an internet connection, a laptop and a ClickFunnels Account.

In their 30 day plans everything is detailed mapped out so you can follow their plans and execute them in real life.

Beyond that is the 30 Days book a great inspiration for brainstorming new ideas.

On top of that you receive a Workbook so you can take notes throughout the video sessions.

Plus there’s a MP3 Player included in the One Funnel Away Kit.

On this one are over 40 hours content from Russell Brunson.

So you can learn more about Funnel Building & getting renters for your apartment communities.

While you are working out at the gym, cooking a healthy meal or jogging.

You get 30 Days of Video Coaching from Russell Brunson and Julie Stoian.

Furthermore makes Stephen Larsen daily LIVE Coaching Calls.

There you can ask you questions and Stephen holds you accountable.

So you get your daily tasks DONE without any excuses.

So that you have your Funnel up and running at the end of the 30 days.

So now let’s take a look on how you can outreach to new renters.

When you have set up your Funnel with the One Funnel Away Challenge.

You can start your outreach to new potential renters through  facebook ads & google ads.

Once the potential renter clicks on your facebook or google ad, he gets redirected to your funnel.

There you can ask him some questions depending on what you would like to know about your renters.

Here you can read my article about the ClickFunnels Wiki.

How Can You Find New Renters For Your Appartements ?

The most effecient way to find new renters for your appartements.

Is to leverage the power of Sales Funnels.

You can create your funnel customized to your appartements targeting potential renters.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

The ClickFunnels Wiki

👨‍💻 The Definitive Guide About The Sales Funnel Software !

Clickfunnels is a SaaS tool that allows entrepreneurs to sell, create, and market their products as well as services.

It is a one-stop platform which simplifies business processes with pre-built funnels for different purposes.

The sales funnels are undoubtedly the principal advantage of Clickfunnels.

It was founded by Russell Brunson in collaboration with his business partner, Todd Dickerson.

It was a self-funded venture that was established in 2014. 

Brunson is an accomplished businessman who has a couple of other investments under his belt.

However, Clickfunnels remain his most successful ventures to date.

The company has its headquarters at Idaho, United States.

The parent company under which it operates is Etison LLC.

Clickfunnels is quickly becoming one of the most preferred tools for online businesses.

Its net worth is $360 million as of 2018. 

Since its inception, it has reportedly made $100 million in sales.

The number of users actively engaged in business is more than fifty-five thousand.

Reasons why entrepreneurs use ClickFunnels for creating Funnels:

At Clickfunnels, there are different funnels for different business.

The three main types of funnels that entrepreneurs create are:

 Generating Leads

Leads for companies can be generated in two ways.

i. Squeeze page funnel.

It is the easiest and the quickest funnel available on the platform.

In this basic funnel, the emails of the customers are captured.

The idea is to generate an email lead or add them to the messenger list.

ii. Application funnel.

In this type of funnel, more details and information are collected.

This may include name, phone number, more details about the clients and their companies.

This funnel is commonly used by consultants as well as coaches.

It allows more effective and direct communication between the company and the clients.

Generating Sales

Products, as well as services, have better chances of getting sold while using these funnels. 

There are three funnels for generating sales. 

Sellers can use one funnel or use them in combination with each other depending on their products and services that they sell.

i. Two-step tripwire funnels.

It is also called the unboxing funnel. 

This funnel is typically for products of lower price category. 

These are often labeled as a loss leader as there is some loss associated with them in the beginning. 

The products may be low priced, but they generally are of good quality that makes advertising them very effortless.

 Therefore, the final result is to attract customers and to generate a profit using one-click upsells.

This funnel is very popular among e-commerce sellers, writers, and authors for selling books and other products.

ii. Video sales letter funnel.

It is also called a sales letter and is generally for higher-end products. 

It may require a presentation as well as an explanation behind the price of the products. 

As the name suggests, sellers can attach a video to improve the sales pitch. 

There is also the option to use text, which is why it is called a sales letter.

It also includes one-click upsells, which helps to increase the profit with every customer that visits the funnel.

iii. Product launch funnel.

This funnel is typically used when there is a new product to be launched.

 It is also called sideways sales letter, and it was made popular by Jeff Walker.

 Here, instead of one video, sellers can work with four videos to generate interest in the new product.

It works particularly well with premium-priced products as there is more opportunity to explain the products thoroughly.

Running online events

There are two ways of running an even with Clickfunnels.

They are:

i. Webinar funnel.

In this method, the live event is made possible using software such as gotowebinar and zoom.

Clickfunnels allows the customization of the registration process to maximize profits as well as conversions.

ii. Auto webinar funnel.

This is also called evergreen or on-demand webinar funnel.

This automated presentation is entirely run on Clickfunnels.

Here the videos that have already been made are presented and broadcast inside Clickfunnels.

The replays of the videos are also done inside it as well.

Advantages of Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels does more than streamlining the entire marketing process in one single dashboard.

The benefits and advantages that Clickfunnels provide are:

▪️ Different types of sales funnels that can be designed to suit a particular client.

▪️ Funnels for sales, webinars, and membership sites as well as subscriber lists.

▪️ Saves time by organizing the sales funnels and accelerating the entire setup.

▪️ Pre-built sales funnels for easy selection.

▪️ Proven and tested templates which consist of a wide variety.

▪️ User-friendly interface which allows seamless integration of videos, animation, and other elements to the chosen templates.

▪️ It is very easy to use, and beginners can use it with minimal training.

▪️ A/B testing is quicker as Clickfunnels gets rid of underperforming funnels almost instantly.

▪️ It is compatible with all platforms such as Windows, Mac as well as web-based.

▪️ Clickfunnels is cloud-hosted, which makes it very fast as well as efficient.

Products Available on ClickFunnels

The online tool is packed with products and features. 

But the most outstanding products are:

The One Funnel Away Challenge:

It is a challenge created by the founder, Brunson, himself.

It is basically a tool designed to transform businesses in 30 days.

The challenge extols that you are one funnel away from your dream job, success, or whatever else you might be striving for.

Participants sign up with a nominal fee of $100, which is fully refundable within thirty days.

The actual value of the entire One Funnel Away Challenge is an impressive $3126.

This package is meant for entrepreneurs or individuals:

Who wants to have guaranteed success while launching funnels.

Stuck in a lifeless job and has plans to start own business or start a home run business.

A beginner businessperson with great ideas but unsure where and how to start.

Working individuals who have no joy in the current job, even though the company may be flourishing.

Persons with existing business establishments who would like a wider audience.

Benefits Of The One Funnel Away Challenge:

The challenge is a very hands-on course that strategically combines knowledge, execution, and accountability.

The main thing is to get the funnel up and running by the end of the challenge.

The entire process is designed to help aspiring business persons to customize their plans and implement them within thirty days.

The challenge kit includes:

i. The 30 days Hardcover Book.

This hardcover book has 550 pages filled with what the founder calls them the battleplans.

All the thirty chapters include action plans that will equip the participants to formulate effective business plans.

ii. Challenge Workbook.

Throughout the entire challenge, there are tasks for each day.

The workbook acts are a ready reference in order to complete the tasks.

It includes the checklists that need to be performed every day, links to training videos, as well as other resources.

It also comes with ample space to journal fresh ideas.

The workbook is also available in a digital version.

iii. Mp3 Player.

It contains the recordings for each day made by Russell Brunson as well as Stephen Larson.

The mp3 recordings are a great way to keep yourself motivated and be in the challenge mode while participants are up an about.

It can be easily used while picking up the kids, running errands, working out at the gym, or driving on your way to work.

🚀 The 14 Day Free Clickfunnels Trial:

This is probably among, if not the best, feature of Clickfunnels.

As the name suggests, it is completely free, which can be availed with basic information.

This package is 100 %, with no obligations or contracts.

Participants can cancel their trial at any time.

The Benefits of this Trial Package are:

▪️ Webpage editor which has drag and drop facility. It is the simplest form of editing, which is effortless even for a beginner.

▪️ The smart shopping cart has one-click upsells.

▪️ The marketing automation is available for both emails as well as Facebook.

▪️ Sales funnels that are built are instantly put into conversion modes.

▪️ The entire process is well organized and streamlined on a dashboard.

The Exclusive Funnel Builder Secrets Selection:

It is the ultimate package for a serious business individual who wants maximum profits.

This is an intensive package deal which goes in-depth than the first two products.

It is designed to not only change businesses but the customer’s experience as well.

The funnel builder secret comes in a six months course which is available at $1997.

It also comes in twelve-month duration, which is available at $2997 and $5997.

Benefits included in these packages are:

i. Enterprise Account 

In the six months of Clickfunnels, participants have access to enterprise accounts for six months, while the twelve-month deal offers access for the entire year.

This access is entirely free.

Participants who can sign up during the offer period also get other bonus such as a backpack.

ii. The Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass 

It is a ten-week training program. It covers everything the entrepreneurs need to know about creating funnels, designing it, and directing traffic to the site. 

It is essentially intended to generate revenue as soon as your funnel is up and working.

iii. Funnel Hacking 101 

Also called the spy for profit, covers areas about what competitors might be offering, and their copies, among others.

It is a very in-depth training focusing on different aspects to come out at the top.

iv. Traffic Secrets Training Course 

It is training on how to get traffic to the site from more than a hundred and twenty-five sources available on the internet.

The different sources are not used all at once.

But they keep accumulating so that the end result is getting traffic from multiple sources.

This is vital for generating leads, which ultimately leads to profit and income.

v. One Year Access to Funnel Scripts 

Here, Clickfunnels provide all the necessary software that includes slides, bullet points, headlines, emails among others.

Users only need to answer the questions and fill them in the blanks.

The software does the majority of the work of generating copies, follow-up emails, and Facebook ads.

This one year access is the same for both six months as well as twelve months of Clickfunnels.

Mr. Brunson has famously said that this is almost the same as hiring a copywriter, except this is free.

vi. Clickstart Program 

It is part of the funnels bonus where users can have access to a personal coach.

He or she will assist in the setting up funnels.

vii. Money Back Guarantee 

The entire amount is refundable within thirty days in case of any issues.

What else to expect from ClickFunnels ?

Apart from the benefits that are mentioned earlier and features, Clickfunnels digitizes every aspect of the business in one platform.

It makes businesses more manageable, efficient as well as quicker.

This is made achievable by the integration of different applications such as:

1. Etison  It eliminates the need to hire designers.

This reduces the cost of designing and coding by a significant amount.

The pages of Clickfunnels feature a simple drag-and-drop feature which allows even amateurs to create professional quality pages.

2. Actionetics 

It is an integrated tool which communicates with the customers directly by creating smartlists.

This smart tool identifies the browsing and shopping behaviors of the visitors that come through a particular funnel and corresponds to them accordingly.

The follow-up funnels reconnect with the customers at any time in one single platform.

It also reduces the monthly messaging bills.

3. Backpack 

It is a software that is an all-in-one affiliate.

It allows users to add an affiliate program to the funnels without the complexity of using unknown software.

The pre-designed template pages allow the addition of applications to the back on any sales funnels.

4. Wasabi 

Users simply select the pre-developed template and upload the training videos very quickly.

It gets rid of complications as well as the expenses of performing expensive coding.

Wasabi is currently under development and is yet to be introduced on the Clickfunnels’ site.

5. Pypeline 

It is a CRM system that is set to transform a casual visitor into a buyer.

It is a high-touch software which will eliminate the need for sophisticated software that are used for customer relationship management.

Pypeline is also yet to be introduced on the website.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

ClickBank Builder VS Clickfunnels

👨‍💻 The In-Depth Comparison Of Both Funnel Builder Softwares !

ClickBank is an online retailer platform and an affiliate marketing program where vendors can create and sell digital products as well as physical goods or products.

While the affiliates promote the products of the vendors with the ClickBank’s affiliate program.

It focuses heavily on affiliate marketing.

It is a giant marketplace with varieties of niches. Some of them are education, sports, travel, health, and fitness, computer and internet, arts and entertainment.

ClickBank is primarily about affiliate marketing, and with so many available niches, choosing one is an easy task even for the new affiliates.

On the other hand, Clickfunnels is a simplified marketing platform where users can easily create and manage marketing funnels, sell, and deliver products.

Clickfunnels provides the users with pre-built sale funnel options equipped with all the essential elements required to function effectively.

In short, Clickfunnels provides everything that is necessary to market, deliver products and services, and sell online.

This also includes selling ClickBank products.

The sales funnel software allows users to create, built, and grow an online business without any complications.

In other words, by using this software, the user need not hire a tech wizard, everything is made simple.

Here you can read my ClickFunnels Wiki article.

Which Funnel Builder Software Should I Choose ?

ClickBank is one of the first and the largest affiliate networks, and also it is free to join.

This is the main reason why ClickBank is overpopulated, and since it is overcrowded, the quality is diminishing.

Which means lots of affiliate programs are low paying though it has some of the best affiliate programs.

It is obviously a stiff competition and an interesting comparison.

However, if you want to have control of your marketing needs all in one place, and a single package Clickfunnels is the one for you.

Choosing Clickfunnels over the ClickBank Builder was for me a definately the right decision !

Here are a few reasons why.

Clickfunnels is inclusive.

It does not matter what type of business you’re in, Clickfunnels can work wonders for you.

It is a whole package where you can bring all your marketing and sales stuffs under a well-organized place.

Affiliate software, coders and shopping cart, email and messenger marketing, and many more.

Here you can also sell and deliver products, and create membership sites.

And in addition, there is affiliate management software also known as Clickfunnels backpack, where affiliate links can be assigned to marketers by the business owners.

Clickfunnels will take your online business to a new level.

✅No complicated or advanced computer skills required.

Clickfunnels enables its users to create marketing and sales funnels, webinar funnel, and product launch funnel with ease.

It is not a problem if you don’t have coding knowledge or programming skills.

Clickfunnels have everything covered; all you have to do is follow simple instructions.

✅Outstanding designs and templates.

Clickfunnels has plenty of excellent templates.

You can choose from a wide range of templates that meet your needs and requirements.

✅Try Clickfunnels for free.F

Clickfunnels offer 14 Days Free Trial where you don’t have to pay for anything, and it is risk-free.

A credit card may be required to avail the free trial offer.

Clickfunnels’ sales funnels are amongst the top rated software of its kind.

There are no complicated procedures involved in creating the sales funnel with the click funnels.

It allows the users to create high-quality sales funnel with just basic computer knowledge and skills.

The funnels provide everything that is needed to create one.

The templates are pre-designed and available for all types of businesses.

With the drag – and – drop sales funnel software, you can modify the templates you have chosen by replacing the default elements with your own materials.

How You Can Save Money By Investing In Funnel Builder Secrets:

Funnel Builder Secret Program is a funnel building and funnels hacking training program.

This program will train you to learn and master sales funnel and everything related to it.

During this program, you will be given extensive training.

Provided with foolproof techniques, and you will also be given the privilege to acquire the tools needed to multiply your investment by ten times.

Here you will be working eight weeks with a one-on-one coach.

He or she will make sure that you learn how to use all the important features of ClickFunnels.

It is not a problem if you are already a Clickfunnels user; you can always dive into this excellent training program.

Watch your business grow bigger and bigger by investing in FBS program.

That is not all.

Clickfunnels has more to offer.

You may or may not have heard of ‘One Funnel Away Challenge.’

It is an excellent way to learn and master funnel building.

If these questions are a ‘yes,’ you should take the challenge.

Are you new in the Funnel Building  area and would like to learn more about it ?

Do you hate your job and you want to work from home ?

Are you in need of a funnel but not sure ?

Do you want to reach out to more people, or in need of a greater expose ?

Are you a working individual who have no joy in the current job, even though the company may be flourishing ?

Do you have an existing business establishment who would like a wider audience ?

Join the challenge, and your life will never be the same again. One funnel away challenge will cost you only $100.

On joining the challenge, a 30 days challenge kit will be shipped to your doorstep.

This will include a book, mp3 player with live recordings, and a physical spiral bound copybook.

From day 1 to day 30, you will be assigned a task each day.

If you are a dedicated person, and you complete each task assigned to you, by the end of the challenge.

You probably will realize that the most efficiently invested $100 is the ‘One Funnel Away Challenge.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

How To Use ClickFunnels As A Newbie Of The Sales Funnel Software:

Growing a business online can be tough, and the strategy with which you run your business can either build it or ruin it.

There are many types of software available that promise to turn your traffic into sales and help you grow your business, but not all of them provide the promised results.

For instance, you can build a simple website with customer support, which will get you some sales but may not take you to the heights of success.

If you want to go for something more beneficial, you can try utilizing sales funnels.

What Are Sales Funnels ?

Sales funnels are a marketing strategy that companies use to direct their customers toward a purchase.

These sales funnels consist of several steps, similar to how a funnel can be divided into separate sections.

Potential customers start from the top and as they go down the funnel toward the purchase, the group keeps getting smaller.

Each sales funnel is designed according to a specific product.

If the sales funnel is taken care of properly, the opening at the end may be wide instead of being extremely narrow.

How Does ClickFunnels Fit In ?

ClickFunnels is an application that turns a prospect into a customer.

It allows you to create any type of sales funnel you want for your business.

You can make them as creative as you want to help grow your business and increase the number of purchasers at the end of the funnel.              

You can create your own funnels or use the pre-built templates.

Either way, you would be able to improve your marketing, which will result in an increase in sales.

Whatever kind of funnels you need for your business, ClickFunnels has you covered.

Every funnel is different from the others and is created to attract different kinds of customers.

Once you select the kind of funnel you want, you will be introduced to a variety of tested and proven templates which you can choose from.

You can use any given elements like animations and videos and do A/B testing to see what works and what doesn’t.

ClickFunnels is very easy to use, and anybody with little to no digital knowledge can take advantage of it.

Furthermore, this application provides even more features than just increasing sales.

You can easily advertise and market your business through the tons of features ClickFunnels offers.

You can build webinars, landing pages, sales pages, subscription sites, automatic email responses, membership sites, and a lot more.

In short, without any expenses for employees, you can grow your business online.

The Features of ClickFunnels:

Funnel Templates

If you have never created a sales funnel before, ClickFunnels is the best way to get started. It has various types of templates available to create one.

Lead capture funnels, event funnels, and sales page funnels are the three most popular classes of funnels found here, though you can also create a membership funnel.

ClickFunnels also offers a squeeze page funnel, which will help you build a sign-up page that collects the visitor’s email and sends them a thank-you note.

There are more complex sales funnels available as well like the 2-step TripWire funnel that starts with selling a low-ticket front-end product .

And then introduces the customer to a more expensive product.

Each group of funnels comes with its own set of free and paid templates.

Drag-and-Drop Feature

With the drag-and-drop feature, you can drag elements and put them anywhere on the page to build your funnel.

You can also change the number of rows and columns. Through the sidebar, you can edit any property of any element and edit the text in line.

Hence, you can easily make the page truly your own. It is easy to use and can be used to achieve any design you want.

Page Elements

Elements or widgets are important features that allow you to design the page according to your needs.

ClickFunnels comes with a vast number of elements to use. The standard elements are photos, headlines, input forms, text, buttons, and videos.

These are the basic building blocks for a landing page.

ClickFunnels also offers several advanced elements. 

These include:

  • ▪️ Pricing tables
  • ▪️ Progress bars
  • ▪️ Surveys
  • ▪️ SMS signups
  • ▪️ Countdown timers
  • ▪️ Facebook comments
  • ▪️ Custom HTML
  • ▪️ FAQ blocks

There are also specialized elements available like membership elements for the membership page and shipping and order forms for the order page.

You can even customize the elements from the editor sidebar.

The basic properties of elements like background, color, fonts and margin can be easily changed according to your needs.

There are also element-specific properties that you can modify like the URL for an image element or the text for your button element.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels has one of the best affiliate marketing programs that you can take part in.

It offers a 40% recurring commission to people who refer others to ClickFunnels.

They can win cool prizes too like getting money if they hit 100 active referrals.

You can also take advantage of 5%, 2-tier commission for referring people to ClickFunnels.

The 40% commission can also be availed if you promote anything from ClickFunnels’ ecosystem.

ClickFunnels has another amazing feature for affiliates – share funnels.

You can get your Share Funnel URL from the setting tab of any funnel.

If an existing member of ClickFunnels visits this URL, they will be able to add this funnel into their account.

If they are not an existing member of ClickFunnels, they can easily register for the 14-day free trial and add your funnel into their account.

The best thing about your Share Funnel URL being used by a new user is that if they stay with ClickFunnels, you will get a recurring commission.

The Pricing of ClickFunnels:

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial for beginners. You can sign up for the trial and get access to all the features ClickFunnels has to offer.

This way, you can try out the software and see if it’s for you before investing in it.

After the 14 days are up, you can buy the monthly startup plan, which is the cheapest plan available here.

This plan allows you to have access to 20 funnels, 100 pages, and 20,000 visitors.

There is also an Etison Suite plan, which costs more than the startup plan.

But allows you to have access to unlimited funnels, landing pages, leads and much more.

There is also a Share Funnel plan for those who don’t want to spend money on the programs mentioned above.

It will only give you access to 3 funnels and 10 pages, so it’s only suitable for those who don’t want to create too many funnels.

How to Use ClickFunnels to Benefit Your Business:

This application is one of the top sales and marketing tools that every businessperson should have if they want to grow their business.

Many entrepreneurs use ClickFunnels and have received amazing results.

We have mentioned all the amazing features ClickFunnels has above, but let’s also tell you how to use ClickFunnels and for what purposes.

Increase Your Subscribers

The audience that you gain on social media is not really your own.

If Facebook stops working or Twitter fails to recognize you for any reason, you will lose all your audience and all your hard work will go to waste.

The best way not to lose everything is to build your own list of subscribers.

You can make an interesting landing page for your site with ClickFunnels.

That will pop up every time you get a visitor through which they will give you their emails in exchange for a freebie.

These emails will make up your subscriber list and can be used to market your business.

There are tons of choices for landing pages available. Just choose any one, modify it with your logo, image and copy, and you are ready !

To make this funnel work, you need to use a lead magnet.

Lead magnets are valuable freebies that the visitor gets in exchange for their email address.

These lead magnets can include:

  • ▪️Promo codes
  • ▪️Discounts
  • ▪️Ebooks
  • ▪️Templates
  • ▪️Exclusive reports
  • ▪️Cheat sheets
  • ▪️Checklists

Go for a freebie that you think your audience would want.

This will depend on the kind of business you have and the type of audience it attracts.

Build Your Sales Funnel

As mentioned before, the primary purpose of ClickFunnels is to help you build sales funnels.

Setting up a sale funnel can be hard and you can end up wasting a lot of money if you are not using ClickFunnels.

You will have to use different software for the different parts of your funnel such as the landing page and sales page.

You can make all this easier by using ClickFunnels as it will give you all the functions you need in one place.

Paid Content

It can be hard to create premium online courses or webinars through other software that can be accessible to only those who paid for the course.

ClickFunnels let you easily make online courses, blueprints, webinars, and video training templates and lets you share them with premium clients through a secret URL.

You can achieve this by using a membership funnel. Just sign into ClickFunnels, click on “Create Funnel” and select Membership Funnel.

Give your funnel a name, customize it according to your desire, add lessons and courses, and share the secret link with your premium clients.

High Ticket Coaching Funnel

Sales funnels play a huge role in the marketing of your business.

It can help you tempt people to pay $1000 per coaching session.

High ticket coaching is a tough business to rule, but ClickFunnels has you covered.

Once you create such a funnel that will help you gain an audience, you can make social media campaigns to attract traffic.

The goal is to get the client to call you.

That way, it’s easier to close the deal.

Certified Partner of ClickFunnels

Almost all entrepreneurs use ClickFunnels at the start of their business.

People who don’t know how to use the technology hire others to help them.

If you can offer funnel building services, you can earn a pretty penny.

You can easily charge around $5,000 to $10,000 for a basic sales funnel with some additional services, and that is just the rate of a beginner.

You can charge much more if you are an expert in the field.

An easy way to prove this expertise is by becoming a ClickFunnels Certified Partner, which basically means someone who is an expert in everything related to ClickFunnels.

To become a certified partner, you will have to wait for the enrollment announcement first.

Once you are in, take the 12-week course and at the end, you’ll get a certificate and year-long free access to the Etison Suite plan.

ClickFunnels also offers a variety of training programs through which you can learn a lot about ClickFunnels and get bonuses.

One such program is the Funnel Builder Secrets.

Funnel Builder Secrets

Funnel Builder Secrets or FBS is a discounted offer packed into a training program provided by the co-founder of ClickFunnels.

It offers foolproof strategies and extensive training that will help your business return your investment tenfold.

This program teaches funnel hacking and funnel building and is a successor to the Funnel Hacks System.

The Funnel Builder Secrets offers three different training courses.

With unlimited six months to one-year access to the Etison Suite plan and subscription to Funnel Scripts for one year.

It will help you learn everything you need to know about sales funnels.

Following are some of the bonuses and features Funnel Builder Secrets has to offer:

▪️6 or 12 Monts Access To The ClickFunnels Etison Suite 

▪️12 Months Access To Funnel Scripts

▪️ClickStart Coaching Program 

▪️Exclusive Access To Traffic Secrets, The Funnel Hacks Masterclass & The Funnel Builder Secrets Training

▪️Unlimited Funnels Bonus

▪️30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Actionetics is an email marketing system that comes with ClickFunnels’ Etison Suite plan.

This system allows you to have contact with all the buyers and leads directly from your dashboard.

Actionetics also comes with its own set of features, some of which are:

  • ▪️Advanced email autoresponder
  • ▪️Social contact profiles
  • ▪️ActionScore lead scoring
  • ▪️Contact list segmentation
  • ▪️Complete CRM
  • ▪️Email broadcast
  • ▪️Text message step building
  • ▪️Action-based email sequencing
  • ▪️Email performance tracking
  • ▪️Marketing automation sequence
  • ▪️Drag-and-drop advanced email editor
  • ▪️Mobile responsive emails


BackPack is an affiliate management system offered by the Etison Suite plan.

With BackPack, you can easily track your leads and sales. It gives you control over your affiliate program.

It also provides many helpful features:

  • ▪️ Unlimited affiliates
  • ▪️ Multiple tier commissions
  • ▪️Pay CPA or percent
  • ▪️ Affiliate tracking
  • ▪️ Customizable affiliate area
  • ▪️ Tracks impressions

The Funnel Builder Secrets training course comes at a reasonable price and teaches you about all the technology of ClickFunnels.

There are other courses available as well that come with this one.

One great benefit of this program is that you can subscribe to the Etison Suite plan for a far lower price than you would normally pay without making any monthly payments.

However, if get the Etison Suite plan the normal way, you will have to pay a far larger amount.

It is just cheaper to get the Funnel Builder Secrets.

For some people, investing this much money in a course may seem like a stupid idea, but if you do the math, you will know that it will greatly benefit you in the long term.

The training program provided by Funnel Builder Secrets is incredibly helpful.

The training combined with unlimited access to a variety of features offered by the Etison Suite plan.

Will help you grow your business and make a profit ten times bigger than your investment.

Conclusion Of How To Use ClickFunnels

If you are still not sure about investing money into ClickFunnels, you can always take advantage of the 14-day free trial.

It will give you access to all the features so that you can use them and see if the tool is for you.

You will most likely find out that ClickFunnels is worth all the money as it is one of the top-notch sales programs that will only result in your gain.

If you need any help with using ClickFunnels, you can always ask the support center.

They are very knowledgeable and helpful.

You can contact through Intercom, which makes it easy for you to ask multiple questions immediately via a live chat.

Hopefully, this article has helped you find out everything you need to know about ClickFunnels and whether it’s worth your money.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.

I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels.

The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

Marketing For A Hair Salon In-Depth Guide !

Benefits of Sales Funnel Marketing for a Beauty Hair Salon !

Hair salons are not one in a dozen.

They are everywhere, which means anyone planning to get into the beauty business or is already running a hair salon.

Should pay special attention to their marketing strategies if they hope to attract more customers and grow their business.

You need to drive more clients to your hair salon business and do whatever it takes, short of giving free sessions, to retain your customers.

This is a business where customer loyalty is critical and is either won or lost during the client’s first session in your salon.

So how do you make people discover your salon and win their loyalty the first time? 

Customer loyalty is a powerful marketing for a hair salon strategy.

It not only ensures that your customers keep coming back for your services but they also recommend your business to their friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Most people hate changing salons because they are not really sure of the kind of services they’d get in a new salon.

If you win their loyalty, they’ll be your clients for life, or at least until they relocate to another place.

The problem with creating customer loyalty in the hair salon industry is the fact that you only have one shot to win them.

Fortunately, if your salon has skilled stylists and a warm friendly atmosphere, you’ll not have a problem building client loyalty.

The only challenge you’ll have is how to send clients to your salon.

This is where creating an effective sales funnel comes in. 

What is a Sales Funnel ?

A sales funnel is at its most basic form an automated sales process designed to boost sales and conversions.

The sales funnel provides your customers with an easy path to your services and helps you grow your business fast.

It is the path a potential customer takes after locating your hair salon website online to the point where they visit your physical location.

At the top of your funnel is your website and at the bottom of the funnel is your salon’s physical location.

The goal is to ensure that the content of your website is influential enough to make potential customers reach the bottom of your funnel or enter your salon.

A sales funnel is one of the most important marketing concepts that any business can have.

It puts your marketing on autopilot.

It can help your company grow from zero customers to a successful salon very fast.

When you understand and practically implement this business concept.

You’ll start generating more salon appointments from your website than from your other marketing channels.

The sales funnel uses the power of persuasion to influence your website visitors to schedule appointments and actually walk into your hair salon.

Why Do You Need A Sales Funnel for Your Hair Salon Business ?

The sales funnel describes the path a website visitor takes before physically walking into your salon for an appointment.

If you understand how the funnel works, you can optimize it and automatically generate more customers via your website.

The funnel is specific, targeted, and designed for your target customer.

How Does a Sales Funnel Work ?

There are many ways you can describe different stages of a sales funnel.

But they all have to do with how you transform a website visitor to a prospect and eventually into a paying customer.

For example, someone who’s looking for a hair stylist in your location and lands on your website via Google search or a social link becomes a prospect or potential client.

The visitor may read items in your blog posts or check the services that you provide in your salon.

If she signs up to your email list to get more information about your salon, she becomes a lead that you can continue marketing to later on.

You can contact her with special offers, discount coupon codes, or simply provide more information about the latest salon products and services.

If she calls your salon straight from the website to schedule an appointment, she moves from being a lead or prospect to a buyer.

The Stages of a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel has four stages namely Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action (AIDA in short).

Each of these stages represents the mindset of your prospective customer and requires a specific approach from you as the salon marketer.

You need to ensure that you are sending the right message at the right time in each stage.

Let’s look at each of these stages in more detail.

1. The Awareness Stage

This is the point where you catch your potential customer’s attention.

For the first time via Google search, a tweet, LinkedIn post, or even a Facebook post about your salon shared by another customer.

The potential customer then becomes aware of your business and all the great hairstyling services that you provide.

If everything works out fine, the client can book an appointment immediately based on the high quality and reasonable price of your services.

2. The Interest Stage